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Speeding Up WordPress Website is Easier than You Think
December 11, 2015
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December 15, 2015

Explain, Debate, Discuss, Vote, All in One Place


The world is full of confusion. We, the human beings always have been finding a way to make things easier. Be it the choice of the use of daily basic necessities or selecting between a Ferrari and Jaguar, choice plays an important role in our lives. Our choice directly affects our life and the quality of how we lead our life. Life revolves around debates and selection which either we speak about in our minds or openly discuss with our friends and family.

Superiorthan.com is all about these needs. Here you get the right to debate, discuss or vote for what you love or what you want. Your views and lookouts are unrestricted here. Not only that but as you discuss about things, you also get to know more about it since everybody here has his or her own view to speak about. Freedom of speech has immense power and nowhere will you find a better platform than SuperiorThan to display the true colors of your thinking.

We speak, discuss, debate and vote about and across various categories of almost everything under the sun. Our huge category list and the ever increasing user base with ever increasing topics are a sure shot proof of how much people need to know. Our categories include: Arts, business, education, entertainment, health, lifestyle, news, politics, religion, science, sports, technology and a “miscellaneous” category for everything else which doesn’t fall directly under these main divisions. Each division has subcategories of their own. So, now that you have gotten an idea of about how much large the platform is, you should hop on the express and make yourself heard and in the process know much much more.

Joining SuperiorThan has two folds advantage. The first is you can say everything that you want to. Create topics, share and put forward your opinion in a place where it is accepted with full credit of yours. At SuperiorThan no voices go unheard, not a single word spoken is without meaning. If you are somebody who holds a unique view or in fact a simple view about something and want everybody to know, this is the right place. This is where your views belong. The other advantage is knowledge. With different people sharing different things, you get to know about more each day. Knowledge should be free but unfortunately the reality is: not everything comes for free. But here you can expect people freely sharing their views and this gives rise to sharing of knowledge.

Conclusion: With SuperiorThan, you are sure to find it easy to select between a red rose and a yellow rose to something as complex as selecting between having a Jaguar or a Ferrari. With discussions you will enhance your knowledge, with votes you will know what people likes or loves the most; with debates you will know the truth and logic behind every complex phenomenon. SuperiorThan is huge; it’s a community by the people, for the people.

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