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Eight Great Android Photo Apps

Android users might feel a little left out when it comes to the popular iPhone photo app, Instagram. The app allows iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to upload any photo they like to their social networking profiles and then showcase that recognizable grainy texture and unique vintage appearance with each individual photo.

All isnít lost, however, because todayís Android users who want to add a little artistic flare to their photos can now download some of the best free android photo apps available for their mobile device. Check these out and see if you donít agree:

1. Vignette Demo

Vignette Demo has to be one of the most similar Android apps you can get to iPhoneís Instagram app. Try up to 84 different film and camera effects to your photos with a staggering 59 different frames. Photos will come out with a neat retro or vintage style. Although output resolution is relatively small, itís ideal for sharing online. You can also get a paid version of the Vignette app that has even more effects and photo options.

2. FxCamera

No longer do you need professional photography equipment because the FxCamera app has come to the rescue. This exciting app takes many of the most popular camera effects and makes them easily accessible on your mobile device. Effects include a ToyCam effect, Polandroid effect, Fisheye, SymmetricCam and even a Warhol effect.

3. Little Photo

The Little Photo app has a beautiful user interface that you will definitely appreciate. After you snap a photo, you can use the app to pull up an interesting translucent menu that floats directly on top of the photo. This allows you to scroll through the effects and then preview them before making your selection. You can even apply two layered effects creating even more depth.

4. PicSay

PicSay is an award-winning photo editor that gives you the opportunity to correct the colors of your photos directly from your phone. You can also add word balloons, write a few title captions, use your own graphics and apply special effects. PicSay offers you a free light version plus the option to upgrade to PicSay Pro if you would like access to some extra tools, effects and styles.

5. Retro Camera

If you are a fan of the old school, retro type look, then the user interface for this app actually turns into the camera. It allows you to look through the viewfinder, and snap your photo while on the fly. Choose from five different sets of vintage vignetting, black and white, film scratch or even cross processing effects. Your photos are then stored in a virtual darkroom right on your phone to be easily shared via social media.

6. Camera ZOOM FX

Most people want a lot of control over their photos, and Camera ZOOM FX is an app that delivers. Youíll be able to access over 40 different effects with additional options to add borders or frames, customizable grid overlays, white balance, and even night shots. Thereís also a convenient one-click option to upload to your favorite social media site.

7. Photo Illusion

To use Photo Illusion, you will need to already have a collection of photos that are stored in your photo gallery, since a viewfinder isnít provided with the app. Once you choose a photo, youíll be able to apply a variety of filters and effects to it, including fisheye and a funhouse mirror effect. Also, you can crop and rotate photos as desired before applying the effects and sharing them online.

8. Action Snap

Although Action Snap does come equipped with many photo effects to use, the real magic lies in the apps ability to take a sequence of photos of a swiftly moving object or person and then stitch them together in order to create a single full photo. The app will sequentially take the images and arrange them into panels to be displayed on a grid for a very unique photo effect.

With these great photo apps you will never again be embarrassed at Androidís selection of photo apps compared to iPhoneís Instagram. Now todayís Android users have it all, the most popular mobile app and some really great photo apps to make you smile.

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