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Edit Scanned PDF File on Windows or Mac using iSkysoft PDF Editor

Many times authors need to do editing PDF file to Microsoft Office Word for editing paragraphs, font sizes, or more. When need to change a single word of pdf file file, a paragraph, or the entire page, first need to convert PDF File to other format or need to use PDF Editor software. There are many software to edit PDF File but I like iSkysoft PDF Editor to edit my PDF documents. Because, This software has many features.

Here I will show how to edit scanned PDF text within PDF files on Windows or Mac using iSkysoft PDF Editor.


1. First open your PDF File
2. Just click on the Home Tab and Edit Text tab to enter into the text editing mode.
3. A control panel will show up in the top right under the menu bar, here you are able to personalize color, font size and also font styles.
5. Click anyplace in the document to start edit text to remove or add words in the content.

Edit Your Scanned PDF file on Windows iSkysoft PDF Editor6. Now save the PDF File.


1. Open your PDF File.
2. Select the Touchup Tool in the toolbar.
3. Double-click on any text in the PDF file to customize the text within the editable text block.

Edit Your Scanned PDF file on Mac iSkysoft PDF Editor4. And save your file.


Edit Scanned PDF and Convert PDF documents to MS Word, Ms PowerPoint and Excel:You already know this, this is a great software to edit scanned PDF files. This software for windows allows you to edit PDF document as like to how you edit your Microsoft Word documents. It also allows you to convert files to popular MS Office formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image and more. All tools of this software are easy to access, like adding and removing text, links and images.

Encrypt your PDF files with password

Encrypt your PDF files with password: By this software, you can protect your PDF document from opening, editing copying or printing by using a password in PDF documents. It’s so easy to set a password in documents and keep safe your document from others. Moreover, this software has the powerful ability to decrypt password protected PDF document.

Create PDF files from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Create PDF files from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel: This software also allows you to make PDF documents from existing files like Word, Excel or PowerPoint by a few clicks and has the ability for you to rate pages, remove unnecessary pages or place new pages, images and graphics. Just click to edit any added image, graphics, remove lines or adjust the size.

Annotate PDF documents Simply

Annotate PDF documents Simply: Making annotation on the crucial content enables you to find the essential content in a PDF document next time to save you time. iSkysoft PDF Editor involves highlighting, underline, sticky note, strike through, rectangles, text boxes and cloud tools etc. This will give you a good feeling to read PDF File. There are also has markup tools on the Home Tab toolbar.

Merge and Split PDF Documents in Single Click

Merge and Split PDF Documents in Single C lick: Merging and splitting PDF documents can be as simple as a breeze by using iSkysoft PDF Editor. You’re capable to drag and drop PDF files for editing at a time. The splitting features help you to split a PDF file into many pages according to the number of pages you set. You can do this with a single click of your mouse.

Please Visit to Download iSkysoft PDF Editor:

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