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October 29, 2012
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Download Torrent Files with IDM or other Downloader (Step by Step)

We are comfortable with Torrent, It is the worldwide sharing center, where anyone can share files from his laptop or computer to another. If you need any application, movie, crack, patch and other content which are not easily available or not available free of cost, you can get those easily from torrent.

If You don’t know how to download torrent file With BitTorrent?, Click here

But the only negative aspect is in the torrent data file download, the downloading speed depended upon the peer/seeker of the specific data file. So you can say downloading speed of a torrent file is directly processional to the amount of peer’s/seeder’s. So we have to wait for the response of peer’s/seeder’s, sometimes we find no peer’s/seeder’s are available, this reason we can’t download our data file from a torrent which we want to download.

For this issue I like to use IDM (Internet Download Manager), which downloading speed is dependent on the speed of the network.

Today I’ll write here step by step in this article, how you can Download Torrent files with IDM (Internet Download Manager) or other Fast Downloader.

Step 1:Search Torrent File (Which file you want to download) from torrent search engine or by using Google.

Step 2:Downloading Torrent File (.torrent) or Copy Magnet link

Step 3: Go to

Step 4:Now upload torrent file by clicking on “Upload .torrent file”, after selecting file Click on “Go!” or Paste Magnet link and Click on “Go!”

Step 5:Now it’s asking for account preference “Free” or “Premium” , click on “Free”.

Step 6:Now this website will cache your torrent file and it takes some time. Wait for it.

Note: It caches the file very fast, but sometimes it takes time.

Step 7:When the cache is complete for your file, then the download button will be activated and Click on “Zip” to download.

Step 8:Now, it again asks for account preference, select again “Free” or you can buy premium account too for unlimited downloading.

Step 9:It’s done, Now download will start with IDM (Internet Download Manager) or other Downloader.

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