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How to Download Apps on Nokia Android Phones

Nokia has been working hard with Microsoft to push windows phone devices to the market. While it was very hard in the beginning, they were able to gain some success with the entry of windows phone 8. Devices running on windows phone 8 like Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 sold in good numbers. Even the high end devices like Lumia 920 gained popularity. But this wasn’t good enough for Nokia as the rivals (read- Samsung) selling android devices were doing much better numbers. They had to do something to make sure people don’t ignore them as a brand.

Nokia’s Android Phone

Download Apps on Nokia Android Phones nokia-x-1

Came in the rumour of a Nokia smartphone running android OS and everyone went crazy. Speculations were being made about the device specifications and how it is going to sell like crazies. You could hear people talking about it even before the word was official. There were some leaked images and details as well. Then finally the much anticipated Nokia android device called the Nokia X came out with two other Nokia smartphones running android. While most people were happy that Nokia decided to enter the android market, they weren’t very happy with the device they launched.

The reasons, for people being unhappy with the device, were very obvious. It isn’t a very powerful device while the competition is going all strong. Not only that but the operating system is heavily modified and it is android devoid of Google. What they have done is removed all the Google services from the device and created their own operating system based on android. This is a smart move to promote their own services in the name of giving android to the consumers. The Nokia device X, XL and X+ run the same customised Nokia operating system. Here we tell you how you can download or install apps on your Nokia android devices.

Use Nokia app store

Well this was very obvious. They have removed all the Google services from the device so there is no Google play store either. Instead you get access to a Nokia app store which is your source for the apps. While it has most of the popular apps, there are still a large number of apps that are missing. The interface of this app store has been designed nicely and you won’t have any trouble finding your way around. If you are a casual user, you can live with the apps that are available through this app store.

Install apps from package files

This is another easy way to install the apps you need. If you can’t find an app on the Nokia app store, simply find the apk file for the app. You can find it online through various file sharing sites or android app sites. You can also ask some other android user to create an apk backup of the app and share the file with you. You can simply install the apk file and enjoy the app on you Nokia android device even when it isn’t officially available for your device.

Install third party stores

You just need your favourite apps, right? Why would you bother about where and how? If this is the case, we can suggest installing some third party app store that can allow you to download your favourite apps. These app stores are just as good as the Google play store and provide some additional benefits as well. There are some like Blackmart (hush… we didn’t tell you that) which can allow you to download even paid apps. Not only will they allow you to download the apk file for your favourite apps but they will also keep your apps updated like the Google play store.

Install Google play

Yes we actually said that. This can be done on your Nokia X, X+, XL or whatever Nokia android device is out there. Why bother finding apks and installing third party app stores when you can have the actual Google play store. Not only can you install apps via the Google play store but this would also bring back the integration with Google services. You can make use of it in some other Google apps which earlier might not be working due to non-availability of a Google account. To install the Google play store, just follow the steps.

  1. Backup your data and charge your device to above 70 %.
  2. Enable USB debugging on your device. To do so, go to ‘Development’ which can be found under ‘applications’ in settings.
  3. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources. You would have to do this even when you try to install apps from third party apks.
  4. Download the gapps (Google apps) package for Nokia X. we found in a thread on xda forums and would recommend looking for the same.
  5. Download Framaroot.
  6. Move the Framaroot app to your device and install it.
  7. Once you open the app, choose ‘Install SuperSU’ and then tap on Gandalf.
  8. This would root you device and install Superuser as well. You will get a message to acknowledge the same and then you would have to restart the device.
  9. Install root manager or any other similar file browser on your device.
  10. Use the file browser to copy Nokia X Gapps to system/apps.
  11. Set the permissions to allow ‘write’ as well.
  12. Install the gapps apk.
  13. Reboot the device and you will see the Google play store.
  14. Open the store and you will be welcomed with the familiar page asking for your Google account details.

You can find the xda thread if you want to root and install Google play store on your Nokia android device. It would void your warranty and then you would be responsible for any damages to your device. If you are new to rooting and similar stuff, we would not recommend you to do this as there is a possibility that you might end up with a phone converted to paperweight.

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