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Do You Want To See What Your Dream Bathroom Would Look Like? – There’s An App Or Two For That!

When it comes to redesigning your bathroom you typically have to rely on a lot of other people. Typically, you would visit a bathroom showroom to speak with the salespeople to get a general idea of what’s available and at what price. You will often come across the bathroom of your dreams, but it can be extremely difficult to visualize how this bathroom would look in your own home. Luckily, there have been a number of apps created to get you around this problem.

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Bathroom Styler

The Bathroom Styler app is brought to you by Ellis Furniture and is basically an interior design tool. It allows you to plan out your bathroom in its entirety whether you are looking for specific items or a fitted bathroom. You can create extremely realistic images of many different bathroom styles and designs with the app, and then save these and share them when necessary.


You have the ability to work on separate elements of your bathroom, including the design you would like for walls, doors, floors, cabinets, Worktops, etc. Once you have picked the ideal fixtures and fittings for your new bathroom these will be saved for you to use for future reference. You are not limited to the number of images you save and can create as many as you like. The app also has the facility to download bathroom design brochures, review the various product specifications and it can even help you to find an approved bathroom showroom in your local area. The app is totally free and is compatible with iPad.


Bathroom Design Ideas

The Bathroom Design Ideas app was created by Subatomic Devs. This app provides you with a fantastic collection of bathroom designs, some outstanding photographs and a short description of the designs. The app has a number of features, which include various bathroom photos and designs with full information about them. You can flick through a gallery slideshow and even use the photo editor to change or enhance the effects that you see.


The app allows you to bookmark photos and designs, save them to a library and share them as well should you want any input from friends and family. You even have the opportunity to compare a number of different bathroom designs side by side and this may give you a better idea of what is most suited to your home. The app also features a quiz game, which can actually help to give you more ideas of how you’d like your bathroom to look. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad and costs US$3.99.


These apps take a lot of the guess work out of purchasing a new bathroom. Most people are typically nervous about what the finished product will look in their home because it’s impossible to visualize what it will look like. However, with these apps this is something you needn’t worry about again, as you have the ability to see exactly how your bathroom will look before any work has even taken place.

This post was contributed by Mark Whinehouse; he works for a well known provider of granite in New York. His hobbies include blogging and basketball.

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