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CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) is one of the largest chartered banks in Canada. In fact, based on deposits alone it is the fifth largest in Canada and the bank has also consistently ranked in the top 10% of companies featured on the Forbes Global 2000 listing. CIBC provides most of the standard banking products you’d expect, such as bank accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards and insurances. They have now also released a mobile banking app for their millions of customers around the world.

CIBC Mobile Banking

CIBC Mobile Banking

CIBC recently redesigned their app based on customer feedback. They have now included some extremely rich graphics, which even support retina display. You will also find many interactive graphs and charts, thus making it far easier to manage your finances. The app is perfect for everyday use and can help you to ensure that you are completely up-to-date with all of your finances.


– You can check the account balances of any CIBC products that are eligible to be used with the app.

– The iPad app allows you to use various charts and graphs, which is a fantastic way to see all your separate accounts with CIBC in one place.

– You can review your recent transactions on any number of accounts, including credit cards and deposit accounts.

– The iPad version also includes bar graphs, which will highlight areas of your financial life, such as how you typically save and spend money. This very simple feature could actually help you to improve your overall financial situation.

– You have the ability to review and upcoming transactions, which are yet to be debited or credited to your accounts.

– You can easily make bill payments from your account and the iPad app allows you take up to 5 bill payments at the same time. You have the facility to pay your bills immediately or you can choose to pay them later at a specific date in the future.

– The iPad version allows you to take advantage of the transactions calendar. This should help you to manage items such as transfers and upcoming payments.

– You can transfer funds between your CIBC accounts at any time and you can also add a recipients list for regular transfers (credit card and loan payments, rent, mortgage, etc.) and transfer money to these recipients at any time.

– You can use your phone’s in-built GPS to search for branches, ATM machines and CIBC registered mortgage advisors.


The CIBC Mobile Banking app can be found in the Finance category on iTunes. It was specifically designed for iPhone and iPad, but can also be used with iPod touch. However, you will have far more features available to you if you operate the app from your iPad. The app will require an operating system of iOS 5.0 or later. The app is available in English and French and is completely free to download. It has also been extremely well received among users and has many five-star ratings.

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