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May 10, 2012
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Differences between “Web Developer” VS “Web Designer”. Select your own goal, what you want to be???

Many of us think that there is no difference between a web designer and a web developer. Let’s know What is the difference between the following…

  • Web Designer : A web designer has to design a site. There will be no application. Web design is very easy to learn. If you want to be a web designer can be in only 3 months.

HTML and CSS are needed to learn a web designer. In addition, You need to learn about Photoshop. Because, If you’re a web designer, you must create or edit site’s banners, posters and various types of buttons.

  • Web  Developer :  On the other hand a web developer Must be created a variety of applications through coding. Web development is not so easy like Web design. If you want to be a web developer Patience, persistence and concentration are the essential requirements. You need a lot of time to be a web developer.
    HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, PHP, XML and DATABASE are essential for a Web Developer. In fact, a Web Developer is a web designer.  But a web designer is not a web developer.

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