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June 12, 2012
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September 7, 2012

Crazy Thing You Don’t Know About Your Apple iPhone

Monitor Your Heart Rate by iPhone

Not believing??? I also thought that it was absolutely bogus. But after a trail it seems believable. The “Heart Fitness” Apps demands that it can effectively monitor your heart rate. How its possible??? Let’s try it…

To accomplish this feat, the app takes advantage of both the camera and the bright LED on the back of your iPhone. First, you cover the light and the camera with your index finger. The light then illuminates your finger so that the camera reads that reddish color that results when you stick a flashlight up to your finger.

Here’s where the magic happens. As blood is pumped into your finger, the hue pulses. The camera reads this pulse and uses it to measure your heart rate! Pure voodoo right? Perhaps not. I tested the app on myself a few times and consistently came up with a measurement around 70BPM, which I confirmed by taking my own pulse manually. Then I got up and ran around for a while and used the app again, over 100BPM this time. As crazy as it sounds, it seems to work!

Now, many commenters note that they can get readings from everyday items such as ketchup bottles, but this doesn’t prove anything. If you consider that the app reads pulses in color, pointing your camera at something red combined with camera-shake would produce a similar result. This proves that you can trick the app, but not that it doesn’t do what it claims.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for iPhone, iPad

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