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Why Companies Fail on Social Media

Social media has revolutionized and so the world has become a more connected place as ever. To be successful companies need to be active on social media. A lot of companies fumble down in this respect, here is why:

1) Using Social Media like Traditional Advertising:

Honestly, popping up adverts is annoying and it doesn’t get any attention from the viewers, but what does work is entertaining content. Be the entertainment, play with people’s emotions and grab their attention.

2) Not Listening to Social Media:

New communication channels on social media allow companies to not know only what people are saying about the company but also what other companies are saying as well.


3) Ignoring their buyer’s personas:

To connect with your potential customers make an effort to know their interests, metric for success or perceived barriers etc.


4) Thinking that Facebook is enough:

Facebook is the biggest social media website but it is also the most polluted and noisy, not to mention expensive. There are other mediums to social media like Twitter that are much clearer with higher engagement rates.


5) Perceiving their Average Customers to be Unaware of Social Media:

A completely wrong concept, nowadays everyone is on social media. Targeting the children of your target audience may be a great advantage.


6) Inexperienced Personnel in Charge of your Social Media:

Social media is the voice of the company; it should include the top management and not be run by uninvolved and inexperienced personnel.


7) Letting Everyone Post on Facebook:

How Facebook operates is when a post of your company gets popular, has the most likes and shares the percentage of your next post being seen by most people goes up, but if that post gets ignored, the percentage of your next posts getting viewed goes spiraling down. So, make every post count and be strict about it.


8) Putting the Same Content on Every Platform:

There are different platforms for a reason, which appeal to a certain audience in a different psychology. Understand these subtle differences and apply them in your posts.


9) Not Having Different Strategies for both Social Media and Content Marketing:

Have clear strategies for both, which are directly aligned with business’s goals and budget.


10) Relating Social Media with Sales: 

Probably one of the biggest mistakes. Social media marketing doesn’t ensure sales, awareness or even generating leads. Blaming lower sales on social media is wrong, there are several factors that affect sales and only some of them fit social media.


Author Bio: Stephen John, working as a blogger at Key Difference. Area of expertise is on Website Designing, Social Media and Mobile App Development.

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