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CCTV Surveillance – An Advantage Or An Interference?

Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) is the use of video camera to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. These days, CCTVs are visible in almost all public places, except in the public toilets of course. Some folks think that there aren’t enough CCTVs out there, while some others believe that there are too many. The remaining ones obviously don’t give a heck. Let us analyze the attitudes of the former two kinds of people in the world.

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Security has to be the first concern:

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CCTVs have admittedly helped prevent a number of impending crimes by tracking shady persons wandering around an area. Security cameras have a long history of good deeds to back them up. Not only have they aided in preventing crimes, but also in tracking the criminal after a crime has been committed. CCTVs take some burden off the backs of cops, and ensure optimum security wherever they are installed.

As long as you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear:

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The statement is a direct slap on the cheeks of those who are against CCTVs. Those who are bent on doing something socially bad have reason to hide something. And they should be rightly scanned, since social values remain constant for a particular span of time. But those wishing to hide something that is morally bad need not be exposed. Now machines like CCTVs cannot differentiate between these two human tendencies. Well, we have to sacrifice something for the greater good.

· Workplace woes:

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¬ †CCTVs at workplace are universally considered highly frustrating. Employers install them in order to monitor the staff, and this may prompt the employees to work more effectively. But there are two sides to the same coin. Those employees who have worked efficiently for so long might get a bit nervous, which may result in low productivity. Then again, it may even prompt some adventurous and adaptive blokes to behave more freely with their employer. At workplace, it simply requires a shift in attitude.

¬ †Household woes:

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¬ † Now real frustration comes here. I don’t know what you or any of your relations did to take such a drastic step, but that is a direct breach of one’s privacy. The abuse of technology reaches a whole new level in this case, and the as long as you have nothing to hide phrase achieves a new meaning, one that is totally baseless. However, it is alright as long as the CCTV encroaches the realms of your garage door, and nowhere beyond that.

The possibility of hacking:

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As secure as the CCTVs make us feel, they can turn on us with a simple tweak of a wire inside. Hacking or video sniffing an unattended CCTV is as easy as pie for someone even remotely associated with the working of a video camera and electronics. And not all hackers are ethical ones. Who knows, one of your enemies might be tracking your movement at this very moment.

If you are the kind who believes in the theory of the greater good, you will be well off, regardless the future decisions of the government and intruders alike.

Author Bio: Mark Victor is a security consultant at Protector Locksmith, which is a successful manufacturer of securitylocks. As a security consultant, Mark likes to blog his expertise on latest security systems for homes and offices. He believes that business and home owners should be secured and they need to be fully prepared for break-ins.

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