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March 1, 2013
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Canon EOS 1000D

If you’re looking to take a step up from your current compact camera, then why not consider a Canon EOS 1000D. This camera is perfect for those that are looking to go a step further in their photography. It’s easy to use and easier to learn. It is the perfect entry level DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) for beginners or intermediate photographers. I have used this camera to take photos for my friends company CaptureMe.ie and they turned out great.

The weight of this camera is evenly distributed, add to that pistol like grip on the right hand hold, and you have the perfect moment capturing machine.

Canon EOS 1000D

As time goes on and your confidence grows you can also remove the lens and put other lenses on to suit the situation. The basic zoom lens (18-55mm) which comes with the camera, as standard, won’t let you photograph a celebrity clearly from 500 meters, but it will certainly do until you feel ready to move on to a bigger lens. Canon, being a very popular brand, have a lot of interchangeable lenses. The current lens is also quite good for macro and portrait shots, so again, you can get plenty of practice in.

Photo by Canon EOS 1000D

At the moment this camera is a few years old, but is still a very attractive proposition to those who are looking to improve their photo taking skills, and this model is very affordable to boot. It comes with 10.2 megapixels, which is slightly below newer, more expensive cameras. In addition to that it doesn’t have a movie function. Leaving that aside, it can still stand its ground against the newer models.

Canon are one of the most reliable camera brands on the market at the moment. The cameras are well built and are definitely worth the money you spend on them. There is also a big fan base and you’ll never be far from someone who will be able to give you a few hints/tips. The camera can also take a few knocks, so you don’t have to fear if you’re thinking of taking it with you into the great outdoors. Once you have taken the shots you can get prints of your shots put into a photo book here, so you and others can view your shots as your progress grows.

Using the Canon EOS 1000D will definitely help you make your mind up about expanding your photographic ability, without leaving you in debt. And hey, look at some of the photos you could capture with it:

Photo by Canon EOS 1000D 2

Photo by Canon EOS 1000D 3Photo by Canon EOS 1000D 4

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