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Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings with EasyAzon

Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings with EasyAzon

Amazon has been empowering a lot of people to earn commissions and even make a living. If you are one of those who have already started or want to start an inflow of cash by simply being an affiliate of Amazon, you should first have the needed tools. Mostly what people do is create a website with reviews, recommendation and links to Amazon but here are some important points you should take care of to make sure you do not lose even the least bit of commissions.

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Wordpress is the best CMS for any bloggers and Amazon affiliate websites are no different. The flexibility lies in the fat that one can use various plugins to make the job easier without the intensive coding needed. One of the most rated and important plugin is Easyazon. Easyazon has been conceptualized to make things a thousand times easier. This is the first step to take if you are really considering a crash course into Amazon affiliate world and making the process from 0 to hero a thousand times easier. Below are the advantages of taking the Easyazon way:

The Big Freebie!

Yes, unlike others, the freebie supplied with this plugin is an awesome all-rounder! The “Ultimate Amazon Guide 2015” is all about taking your first steps from choosing a suitable domain name to building the website with appropriate contents and finally marketing it. This step by step guide is hugely informational. With videos, pictures and easy to understand way of writing, literally anybody will make you feel like a pro and you will be super confident in venturing into the world of Amazon affiliate commissions. Even if you are a professional, this guide will come in immensely useful and handy in updating you with the latest SEO tricks and marketing procedures. With this guide by your side, you will definitely be ready to get yourself the next income source ready within a matter of a short time.


The Easyazon Advantage

If you already have a website, this is definitely the next big upgrade that may not cost a fortune but will save you a lot of headache and most importantly, time. Easyazon helps in managing your Amazon links thousand times easier. No need to copy and code each link individually, Easyazon has it readily coded and available for you, the way you want. It is easier to use, less complicated and offers much flexibility than any competing Amazon affiliate plugin.


Another top useful feature is the ability to take full advantage of international traffic. Why would you want to waste traffic from countries other than USA if you can incorporate the Amazon links according to countries? Your users, visiting from other countries will automatically see the links to the products that are sold from Amazon website available to their country, without you coding thousands of links. It is easy to sign up for each Amazon affiliate programs and the plugin will automatically find the appropriate products. This is in fact one of the best feature of the plugin.

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EasyAzon v4 Jan 27th Launch - Easy Azon


In short, Easyazon makes the affiliate Amazon link management easier than a snap. It helps you pick and design the affiliate links as you want without coding, helps you take full advantage of international traffic and also has options for product popups and other attention grabbing modifications to boost your commissions up several notches. The freebie guidebook worth $47, is another wonder that deserves mention, which makes understanding and applying the whole affiliate income process easier for beginners and pros alike. If you want to make a difference in your net income statistics, this Amazon affiliate plugin will definitely be a great weapon.

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