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May 23, 2013
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May 23, 2013

Bluetooth + Green Fingers = A Very Colourful Garden!

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If you are never happier than when you are pottering in the garden then you will of course be interested in any tips on how to get more out of your garden. What you might not know is how technology and gardening are so closely related. They are not obvious companions, but technology is having an impact on just about every area of life and gardening has its gadgetry too. Smart gardeners are keeping up to date with all the inventions being made available on the market and they are using them to achieve better results in their garden – to great success! Here are some handy gadgets that could make your life easier in the garden:

Bluetooth Sensors


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Have your plants’ needs wired directly to your smartphone! Bluetooth sensors are now available in wireless form that you can install to alert you of things that need attention in your garden. It measures the amount of sunlight, and temperature, along with how much moisture there is in the soil – you can even be alerted when it’s time to fertilise your flowers! You will be sent push notifications to let you know exactly what needs doing and where, so there is no chance that any area of your garden will be neglected. And let’s face it – it’s hard to think of everything all at once.


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No seriously! Some people can’t mow their lawn – possibly because of an allergy to pollen or hay fever, or because they are not physically able to manage it. Now you can buy a robotic lawnmower which automatically mows your lawn at pre-programmed periods and is even capable of charging itself when it gets low on battery. You simply programme and operate it from your phone! Nobody likes mowing the lawn – it’s not one of the more interesting gardening jobs there are, and it’s very hard on your back. So just get a robot to do it for you instead!



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And talking of mowing – how annoying is it when you are trying to get the attention of somebody that is mowing a lawn?! Shout and scream as much as you want – they won’t hear you! Solve the problem once and for all by using a Bluetooth enabled headset, allowing the user to take phone calls through the earphones as and when they want. And when they don’t need to use them for phone calls, they can listen to the radio or downloaded music on them instead, blocking out the noise of the motor altogether.

And On the Subject of Music…


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Listening to music while you are gardening is really therapeutic, particularly when you have more monotonous tasks to plough through. Music is a great distraction so hook yourself up to your personal stereo – you’ll lose hours! Because they are wireless you won’t trip up on them or risk getting wires caught up in machinery.

There aren’t many jobs around the garden that can’t be made easier with the help of technology – so embrace your inner nerd and find gardening gadgets that make life gentler!

Author Bio: David Ashford works for Headsetsonline Pty Ltd which offers cool bluetooth headsets to customers. He is a blogger and a technology enthusiast.

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