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Best Andoriod Application To Buy For Your Child

Who said android apps are only designed to cater for the day to day needs of adults, as the technology world advances so do every person’s needs and desire to join the tech world does include children. There are thousands of android application that has been designed for children found in the android market, parents with no background information can encounter a hard time trying to look for the best for their children. They are often faced with hard decisions trying to figure out the best for their children. Priority becomes the backbone of their choice and in most instances, education oriented android application carries the day.

Best Andoriod Application To Buy For Your Child
After a careful and thorough examination of the android application market, here are some of the best for kids;


After school, when kids get back home, it is the duty and responsibility of the parent to ensure the child attends to his/her homework. This application becomes more suitable as it has the capabilities to schedule homework and the time to be attended to. It can also be used to keep and manage time for revision, making the child time conscious. It’s ideal for older kids.

Kids Alphabet

This android application shows the alphabet letter and a word that begins with the alphabet.
For example the letter B is accompanied by a featured word such as a bus. Once the child clicks on the image it makes a sound similar to the image. Again clicking on the word, the app reads it out loud.


Just like the name suggests it’s a wonderful educational app that provides kids with knowledge of the names of different animals. Other than being educative, it provides kids with a playful opportunity to feed the animals and pamper them hence succumbing boredom just like play station.

Kid Care

This is one of the most important app that parents need to have. The app enables parents to make decisions on the nature of medical care to be administered to a kid if it is required. The app has the capability to unearth more than eighty eight pediatric topics arranged alphabetically. It is a must have app for parents to treat minor injuries they can handle.

Mouse Trap

This is a puzzle game meant to stimulate and enhance the thinking of a child. It is played by moving blocks away from the mouse way while finding the exit. This is a tricky game as one movement of a block may end up closing the next path. The game encourages the kid to develop predictive thinking as it enables him or her to anticipate how the blocks will appear once it is moved from one point to another.

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