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Backup Server Data in Smarter Way – EaseUS Todo Backup Server

Backup Server Data in Smarter Way - EaseUS Todo Backup Server

Taking backup regularly is an integral part of healthy business operations. Most organizations tend to deploy efficient backup mechanism to ensure the data availability even if primary source becomes unavailable or damaged. Good thing is, there are hundreds if not thousands of tool available that performs backup data backup efficiently and makes it available whenever the need arises.

Keeping such tool handy is always recommended as greatly reduces manual work as well as perform daily routine check to backup even the most recent update files or folders. One such utility is EaseUS Todo Backup Server 8.6 that keeps track of all the backup records and provides smooth as well as most reliable way to backup all the important files.

Salient features:

This server backup software provides most convenient ways to backup entire server data or files from any selective locations. You can quickly restore entire server data when disaster strikes or uncertain need of data recovery arises. Go through the features described below that can better tell uses scope of this utility in this ever growing industry of data backup:

Fast data backup procedure

As the name suggests, this tool gives complete system protection by enabling option to backup entire system in just one click. You can use the same or created backup copy to restore full or partial system restore and continue using records for business uses. This is specially help full in critical circumstances like operating system crash, virus or Trojan attacks, booting failure or system inaccessibility etc. 

Backup Server Data in Smarter Way -  EaseUS Todo Backup Server

Data Backup will be usually performed in three ways: Full, partial and differential. Each has its own uses and will be of great use such as Differential backup option saves time by taking backup only the upgraded or recently update version of any files or folders. Whereas, partial backup option is used when you need to backup only selected files and folders.

Backup Drive or Specific Partition

This perfect backup utility will help you perform block level imaging to clone disk or any particular volume of hard disk drive. You can use this image to further restore data if the system crashes virus strikes or just want to switch current disk to any higher capacity disk.

Backup Drive or Specific Partition

You can also migrate or clone SSD without reinstalling copy of Windows if the hard drive doesn’t gives you desired performance. It can safely copy or transfer the entire files and folders including the operating system files. You’ll be able to use your current PC with SSD without even reinstalling Windows exactly as you’re using with HDD.

Flexible Backup Scheduling

It’s troublesome situation to perform backup manually on daily basis. But with this tool, you don’t need to face this hassle anymore. It’ll offer flexible opportunity to schedule data backup in any particular day, week or month and tool will do this automatically for you.

WinPE Recovery Environment

What if your system doesn’t restart or boot at all? Try this data backup utility in such circumstances to restore everything from Windows pre-bootable environment. You’ll be able to copy or transfer everything even without going to File explorer interface.

Final thoughts

You’ve full 30 days of free trial period to experience the seamless opportunity with this tool. You can deploy this utility at your office or server location and forget about the burden of taking data backup. Leave your thought below if you’ve any experience with this tool or would like to share similar experience with different tool.

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