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September 15, 2014
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Some Android Applications That You Must Try Out!

Once you own a phone that runs on android or an iPhone you are illegible to enter a bold new world where application dominate. Applications are just pieces of software written to basically perform a set of functions. There are several android applications that you must have in your cell phone to make sure that it functions properly.

Open Source Android Apps


This is a an android application that has been bought by Yahoo! Yes, you heard me right, I said Yahoo. This is an application launcher, basically an application that helps organize your applications so that your phone keeps working at full speed. Such an application makes sure that users can access their favourite applications with ease and with minimum battery usage. Aviate is the perfect application launcher for just about any Android user.

Contrary to the conventional methods (alphabetical order) this application launcher helps organize your applications in a very logical way. It has some other quite startling features like it can tell the mobile user just how long they have slept for and brings them the days trending news and the weather report. If you are on the road this application will not only help guide you home but it will also tell you routes which have the least traffic on them. Google Now seems to sync perfectly with this application, this is an excellent thing as users can now activate Google Now with their voice alone. People who have used this application launcher have found out this application is quite good at making the smart phones easier to use. If by any chance you find that your phone does not work as well as you hope it would with this application then you can always uninstall the application. It does not resist in any way when you uninstall it.

Contacts +

It has been a year since it was introduced into the market since then I can safely bet that this android application has helped a lot many people organize their contacts details. It collects all the possible contact data for any individual and this gives the user a platform through which they can get into contact with an individual using any of the multiple means that this application displays. If you provide an individual’s address to the application, the application will even show a route that could lead the user to the persons address from their current standing position.


So, there are quite a lot of android applications now days that focus on making sure that people are physically fit and healthy. But what about your thinking mechanism and memory? Lumosity understand that to win in professional life people need to be alert and vigilant at all times and the best way to ensure that this happens is to keep the mind active with the help of mind games. They have developed an application that caters to a professional’s mental abilities and needs.  This application has been developed by neuroscientists to help people develop greater attention spans, better memories and quicker problem solving techniques.

Smart voice recorder

This android application has been developed by Smart mob Development. It is widely used to record interviews or personal thoughts. It is quite user friendly and has a silence skipper option which makes sure that the dead time (the time when there is nothing to record) is just skipped.

Apart from these applications you must also have mobile backup and restore applications that help people store data when they need to.

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