, it’s not only a domain name. It’s a heart of Three Mechanical Engineering Students who like to introduce themselves as TJ. That means Technology Jockey.

Yeah, We are TJ. Who like to introduce themselves by this:-) We are so curious to learn about technology and like to pass our time by learning and sharing Software and  Apps Reviews, Latest Technology NewsUpdatesTech Tips & TricksTutorials about SEO, Photoshop, Freelancing, Graphics Design, WordPressEthical Hacking, Freelancing tips and more besides our study! So we created this blog ( to share what we know, with whole world who want to know about those…

Now we are newbie and learners. We try to write posts regularly to filling your curiosity and reach latest technology updates to you. If you want to be become a TJ by writing guest posts, Please visit this link ( and read our requirements for publishing guest post and contact with us.

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