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A Brief Insight into Photo Stitching and Advanced Techniques

Photo stitching is a common term in photography and professionals in this field are well aware of this technique. For beginners in photography who have not heard of this term, here’s a brief insight into photo stitching and the various techniques involved in the process.

Understanding the Process

So, what is a photo stitching all about? This is just the process of taking a sequence of overlapping pictures and blending them to make one picture. You can choose how to stitch photos, be it vertically or horizontally depending upon the subject; in fact, few photographers also opt to stitch photos diagonally in some of the cases.

Photo Stitching and Advanced Techniques

Why Is It Needed?

It is quite obvious that beginners would get a doubt as to why anyone would want to stitch a picture. The first reason in most cases would be that they would require a much bigger print with considerably more details than that in a single picture. If you make use of five stitched pictures to create a photo instead of one, you will be astonished at the size and clarity of the picture. This reason alone is sufficient to try stitching photos often, while few of them could also stitch photos if their subject is too near and they cannot shift back and don’t possess a lens wide enough to shoot the subject as a whole.

Benefits of Photo-Stitching

This unique method of stitching photos creates a picture that is wider than the average vision field generated by the human eye. This is a very popular method for capturing larger than life pictures and is usually used in landscape photography. Many different techniques can be used to create a panoramic image; few of these techniques can be more effective when compared to the others, but the outcomes are stunning in each method. This is particularly true when the picture is formed by an expert photographer by making use of state-of-the-art tools and many years of experience.

Top Photo-Stitching Tools

There are several photo stitching software programs available today that make the whole task of stitching photos a lot easier. One of the best among them is ArcSoft Panorama Maker, which can be purchased for around $80. With this unique software, the whole process can be executed in a professional manner without any hassles. The easy navigation and its intuitive interface can offer the user a fluid experience. This powerful program can convert your photos into one dazzling panorama masterpiece.


Various Types of Panoramic Photographic Techniques

Speaking about a few of the techniques involved in the process of photo stitching, there are several high quality photo stitching methods, which include the options listed below:

  • Vertical panorama photography
  • Horizontal panorama photography
  • Circular stitching panorama photography
  • Square panorama photography
  • Rectilinear image stitching photography
  • Full frame image stitching photography


Advanced Techniques

In each of these photographs, various methods are applied, like removing and replacing colors, removing colors and shadows, removing camera flashes, removing unnecessary wires and switchboard. Apart from these, the photos have to be checked in the following aspects: positioning of pictures, photo filter application, adjusting the levels and curves, and enhancing the definition and depth of the images.

Getting to know the ins and outs of panoramic stitching can take some time, but will require some practice also for amateur photographers to produce amazing images.

Author Bio: Jenifer Scott is a professional photographer, who has been working on photo stitching and advanced photographic like how to stitch photo techniques for quite a few years now.

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