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6 Top-of-the-funnel Code Editors For Designers And Developers

Indubitably, the analytical and logical thinking is paramount to efficiently deal with the web development. It includes several issues that need to be resolved by thinking from both user’s and client’s perspective. No matter how experienced you are (as a developer or designer), at some point of your career, you might feel the need of a proficient and highly reliable tool to enhance your performance.

There is no dearth of resourceful web development tools in the market, however, among all, code editors are much looked after. An efficient code editor can help you code with a flair and contribute to agile designing or development. The code editors can boost your productivity while helping you throughout the project. They make the code easily readable by highlighting the syntax with different colors and offers a list of other useful features.

Top-of-the-funnel Code Editors For Designers And Developers

Since, there is a plethora of code editors available in the market, it often becomes hard for developers and designers to choose an appropriate one. To help you make an optimal choice, here is a list of best code editors, let’s explore them.

1. Code Any Where

This blissful code editor for web developers is cross-browser compatible. It has a built-in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client and supports multiple programming languages, including CSS, HTML, XML, JavaScript and PHP. Since, this tool is lightweight and delivers blazingly fast performance, it is a great tool to accomplish your development task on the go.

2. Codeita

Codeita - Code Editors For Designers And Developers

Useful for both designers and developers, Codeita is a renowned cloud-based code editor that augments web app development and website prototyping. It offers an integrated social environment that facilitates developers and designers to interact with each other and put in their collaborative efforts. The browser-enabled dashboard also allows one to easily handle your database files, code and other files. Furthermore, it facilitates users to create, modify and deploy their project within a LAMP software bundle.

3. Thimble

Create web pages at a blazingly fast speed without leaving the quality behind via this code editor. It features a simple to use interface that makes this reliable tool a great choice. You can write HTML and CSS code straight away from your browser. It allows one to write and edit code efficiently, and offers an instant preview of your work. Moreover, with this code editor, you can even share your work with your team members, by simply clicking on a button.

4. Eclipse

This pro code editor is specifically designed to deliver a powerful development environment. It is easy to use and comes complete with superior features. It, allows developers to simply revise their code, compile it, test it and deploy via a single application. It has been designed to primarily support Java apps.

Eclipse - Code Editors For Designers And Developers

Eclipse is basically an open source community that features a plugin-like architecture that allows it to support other programming languages like C/C++, PHP, to name a few. It comes complete with a list of helpful features, including inbuilt documentation, syntax checking in real time, and efficient code hinting. This free tool is ideal for developing Android apps and apps for App Engine.

5. Dabblet

Dabblet is quite popular among web designers. This code editor helps designers to draw the snippets of HTML and CSS code. While coding your CSS file, no prefix is required; it, thus, facilitates professional to work in a hassle free fashion and flawlessly accomplish their project. It also facilitates one to put their code in Github gists with a few simple steps. Moreover, you can also share your code with your team mates via this tool. For the folks who love exploring HTML5 and CSS3 styles, this is an ultimate tool.

6. Dreamweaver

A great choice for both web developers as well as designers, Dreamweaver is a section of the popular Adobe’s application suite. You can code for all the latest web programming languages, including PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and ASP.NET. Novice developers can conveniently practice code on this tool. It features WYSIWYG editing, app development with Phonegap and jQuery mobile, offers live previews and a lot more.

 Dreamweaver - Code Editors For Designers And Developers

These are a few of the best web development code editors that have been designed to rev up your productivity and help deliver an absolute program. You can choose any of the aforementioned tools that suit your project’s needs and boost your performance.

Author Bio: Victoria Brinsley is proficient Android app developer for Appsted Ltd – a leading mobile application development services provider. You can get in touch with her anytime in case, you are willing to avail a detailed information for the same.

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