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6 Sure-shot Methods to Garner Your App’s Popularity on iTunes App Store

With iOS gaining an edge over other popular mobile platforms, developers have started investing their time and efforts into building apps that can run on all iOS powered gadgets such as iPad, iPod Touch and iPhones. After finishing with the app development process, these developers put in all their time and money into marketing the app. Every app developer dreams of getting his/her app ranked on top of the list of apps featured on iTunes App Store. If you too belong to this group of app developers then this is a blog for you. Here, I’ll be offering you 6 proven ways of boosting your app’s ranking and reviews on the iTunes App Store.

What makes finding a niche among other apps featured on iTunes App Store so difficult?

As per a recent statistics, it has been revealed that App Store initially housed around 500 apps in the year 2008 and now has over 900,000 apps, as of July 2013. Hence, owning to the rapidly increasing competition on the App Store, it has become essential for developers to pay special attention to optimization of their apps for the App Store. Just like web pages are optimized for a website, in the same way, the apps also need to be optimized for getting ranked amongst the topmost iOS apps.

And now, the 6 easy-to-follow methods for growing an app’s popularity on iTunes App Store

  1. Choose an eye-catchy app title

After getting your app deployed on the App Store, the very first thing that you need to think about is deciding a title for the application. Title plays a vital role in the effective marketing of an app at the iTUnes App Store. It is essential to include suitable keywords within the app, so as to make it stand out from the other apps already available on the app store.

  1. Know the App store better to get the vibe of what sells and what doesn’t

One of the best techniques of succeeding at the iTunes App Store is understanding everything about what all sells and what actually  makes iOS users drive away from an app. You need to gather in-depth insights into who all are visiting the App Store on the basis of gender, demography, age etc. Doing this is crucial because each app store has its own unique criteria for ranking an app and if you’re aware about the same, getting your app to the top-notch position will become much more simple.

  1. Choosing the right app category is befitting

Yet another important aspect attached to app store optimization is choosing the right/relevant category for your app. That means, if someone is looking for a “health” app, he/she should be able to find the same in the “health & fitness” category rather than the “entertainment” category. By being precise and relevant, you can grow the visibility of your app among the targeted audiences.

  1. Leverage the full potential of several iOS users on Twitter

As one of the most progressive social media platforms for marketing an iOS app, Twitter has become popular among iOS app developers who’re looking ahead to promote a new app. By tweeting details about the iOS app, the developer can get his app noticed by regular users of Twitter who also own an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. One of the most important things that need to be kept in mind while using Twitter is that you must add a personal touch to your tweets regarding the app. Doing this will fetch you a greater number of customers within a short span of time.

  1. Inbound Marketing works as a ‘Magic Wand’

When it comes to app promotion, inbound marketing has always delivered the expected results within the least amount of time. Mediums such as blogs, white papers, videos and infographics have served as perfect ways of improving the visibility of an app on the App Store.

  1. Staying active on Forums helps

Forums, ever since their inception have served as excellent platforms for professional iPhone and iPad app developers who’re on a look out for a social media podium to promote their newly released app. As an iOS app developer, staying active on forums enables you to showcase your app in the wake of receiving ratings and reviews from a professional app development community. For example, iPhone Dev SDK forum is a brilliant forum, specially designed for iOS app developers who’re intending to connect with their peers.


So those were the perfect ways for promoting your iOS app on the iTunes App Store. Hope you’d have found the same interesting and simple enough to follow for your next iOS app marketing plan, post uploading the app to the iTunes App Store.

Author Bio: Emily Heming is an experienced blogger for a reputed Mobile Development Company which offers you the services to Hire Dedicated iPhone Developer by contacting her Emily Heming.

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