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6 Pro Tips to Optimize Your Online Tech Tutorial

6 Pro Tips to Optimize Your Online Tech Tutorial

Are you all set to create your first tech tutorial? It could be that you are planning to discuss the implementation of the latest cyber-security technique. It could also be a how-to demo tutorial of the new software from your company. Well, whatever be the theme of the tutorial, you have to optimize it to beat the competition and reach out to more and more viewers. The post below outlines 5 killer tips to optimize your online tech tutorial at its best.

Attractive thumbnail

The thumbnail is the first thing that the viewers will first see about your video. If it’s not motivating enough, they won’t waste another minute to click and check your tutorial. So, create a catchy thumbnail that will motivate viewers to click and know more about your video.

Use animations

Animations are catchy and make learning easier with visual information. So, try to include animated images and captions in your tutorial to make things more engaging for your viewers.

Share on multiple channels

If you are aiming to optimize your tech tutorial, you have to distribute it on multiple channels. The bottom-line is to expand its exposure so that it can acquire more views and reactions. More traffic you acquire for your tutorial video, greater will be your chances of ranking up on search engines. So, don’t restrict the tutorial to your website only. You should also share the tutorial to popular social media channels, forums related to your industry and social media groups. You can also attach a personal message when you share the video on social media to highlight its value proposition.

Optimize for mobile

Online browsing is being largely dominated by smartphones these days. The ease of checking virtual contents while on the go has fueled the increased popularity of mobile phones as browsing devices. Thus, if your tutorial video is not mobile responsive, you are going to lose out on a huge chunk of target viewers. A video converter program will help you with video conversion for mobile phones if your original video is not in a mobile-responsive format. For example, let’s say you have recorded the tutorial in MP4 format. Now, to make it compatible for smartphones, you can use a video converter to convert MPG to MP4 format. Movavi Video Converter will be a good option here. It supports all popular media and smartphone formats and converts in lightning-fast speed. it also assures no compromise on video quality during conversion.

Partner with top YouTube influencers

A lion’s share of subscribers on YouTube follows top YouTube creators for suggestions on best videos. Thus, it you be great if you can establish a strong rapport with chief YouTube influencers related to your industry. If they find your tutorial impressive, they will spread the world among their long list of follower YouTube subscribers.

Mind the video length

Don’t make the tutorial video excessively long. The ideal length of your tutorial should be something between 45 to 90 seconds. You can maximum drag it to 2 minutes. Lengthy videos are a big turn off for your online viewers and will badly affect your viewership level. People are extremely busy today and they prefer something short and crisp. So, avoid any kind of fluff in the video and stick to direct to-the-point content.

You should also maintain active interaction with everybody who comments or reacts to your tutorial to create an engaging ambience. It may propel them to talk about your video with their near and dear ones that will further increase the exposure for your tutorial.

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