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Are you struggling for money at the moment? You’re not alone, but what are you doing to dig yourself out of your hole? You must kick yourself every time you spend a lot of money on food and drink because there are cheaper alternatives available. There are a few gadgets you can use in your home that will help you save the money you can’t afford to lose. Let’s take a closer look at what they are and why you need to buy them.

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Filter your tap water

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Some people don’t like drinking from the tap for a number of reasons, so they decide to buy bottled water from the supermarket. If you have bought water from the supermarket you will know how expensive it is. Maybe not if you only buy one bottle to quench your thirst, but when you buy enough to last you a week it definitely adds up. If you use water filters you can drink from the tap because the filter will remove any contaminants and leave you with fresh water.

A special coffee machine

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Coffee is one of our nation’s favorite beverages and it’s probably why you see a multitude of different coffee shops on every street. You can buy instant coffee because it’s easy to make, but the taste is atrocious and you end up spending all your wages in shops like Starbucks. $5 per day will add up over the course of a year, so you should think about buying a proper coffee machine instead. It will cost you money in the beginning, but you will save a huge amount in the future.

Fruit and vegetable smoothies at home

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The food companies know people associate smoothies with healthiness, so they can get away with charging a lot of money for a carton of your favorite fruity treat. If you make your own smoothies you will save a lot of money and you will also have a lot more freedom to test out whatever concoctions you like. Make sure you get one with strong blades that can crush ice because if your smoothies are ice-cold they will taste a lot better.

Brew your own beer

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A lot of people are struggling for money, which means they can’t go out partying as much as they used to. They stay at home and buy some cans of beer from the store. You can go one better by brewing the beer yourself. Once you have the right equipment it’s not hard and the only thing you’ll struggle with is the wait. You should be able to buy special kits in any big store and it will give you the exact instructions you’ve got to follow.

Slowly cook your meat

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If you don’t have a slow cooker yet it’s about time you went out and got one. It’s the ultimate kitchen gadget for saving money and it’s not only because it uses less energy than a conventional oven. Because it slowly cooks your meat it allows you to throw in the cheapest cuts you can find. Everyone knows how expensive tasty meat it, but because the cheap cuts of meat cook so slowly they eventually get to the stage where they melt in your mouth.

Saving money is easy

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We’ve covered some nice gadgets that will save you money on food and drink, but they will only save you money if you use them. It might be hard to change the way you do things – I’m looking at you, Starbucks addicts – but if you need to save money desperately enough you have no other choice. These gadgets will obviously require an initial investment, but just think about the future.

Author Bio: Kevin Taut, works as a financial consultant for Sterling Investor Capital LLC, a leading hard money lender in Texas. When he is not assisting customers get a loan, he can be seen playing golf.

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