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5 Hit Tips for iPhones

The iPhones are the best devices when used under circumstances like when you need many gadgets but you cannot carry all of them. In dance parties and on picnics, you may need a media player and speakers, plus a camera or other devices to make the show go on. However, you can do this all by just one device and that is the iPhone. Although the iPhones come in many versions naming the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, but the tips that I will share are for all of the versions that you may have. They are some tips to use the iPhone that will not be found in the manual. Therefore, they are as under:

1) While using the iPhone, there are so many place son which you will need the keyboard. You can train the keyboard on the memo app to identify the words that are not listed in the dictionary so that when you type them the next time, the automatic dictionary will complete them for you and you would not have to waste time in writing the whole words manually. Type in a word, then tap, and hold on to it. A magnifying glass will appear. Take it to the word and tap it. It will show options in an open menu and you can add the word in the dictionary from there.

2) While using the camera for taking pictures, it happens that every time, we take a picture from the touch phone, the picture becomes blurred. The touch phones have to be sued in a stagnant position, which is not possible unless you apply this tip. Just place the iPhone on a smooth surface facing the object to be taken the picture of. Attach the headphones to the phone and the button of the headphones will act like a camera button. Just focus on the object and click that button. Your picture will be taken without any noise and distortion issues.

Tips for iPhones

3) While multitasking between the apps, you may need to switch form one app to the other. This is very simple, as you do not have to close any app to switch to another. You can just tap the home button twice and a menu bar at the bottom of the screen will appear. This will show you the icons of all the opened apps that you are working on simultaneously.

4) You can switch between apps the same way as above and then you can close each app without hindering the functionality of any other app by the same feature. Just tap and hold on any one of the icons in the bottom menu bar that you have opened through description as above. The icons will start dancing. You will see a minus sign on the icons and you can close any app from this sign.

5) As you know how the battery timings conflict with the usage timings you want from the Smartphones, so closing the apps that you are not using will help extend the battery time (in the same way as above). Also, charge the phone only when it intimates you about charging. This increases the life span of the battery to 20%.

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