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August 6, 2014
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5 Free Text Messaging Apps For Smartphones

With mobile carriers charging about 20$ to 30 $ a month on the name of unlimited plans, the smartphone users who love chatting might feel like pay out this amount is the only option. In fact, there are good number of apps that allow users to send texts for free.

Basic texting is not only the feature that these messaging apps provide right from group chat, audio call, video call, file sharing etc., the messaging apps offers several features more than just basic messaging.


KaKao Talk This free texting app allows you text and call anytime and anywhere for free of cost. All you need to have is a phone number. It is a multilingual app and supports 12 different languages. However, it offers amusing alternative communication features such as animated emoticons, funny voice filters during mobile calls and also has walkie-talkie option as well. Group chats and sharing video and images is also included, rewards are offered for adding a desired brand as a contact.

KaKao Talk, Text Messaging Apps For Smartphones

Available on: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows.


WeChat, in addition to free messaging offers other multimedia options such as voice messaging. With Shake feature of WeChat, you can share info such as contacts and images with nearby friends. In addition, users can access look around feature to check whether anyone using the same app is available nearby.

WeChat, Free Text Messaging Apps

Available on: Android, Symbian, iPhone and Windows phone platforms.


Get the best out of a chat application with U&Me Messenger. It allows you to send free text messages to anyone across the world instantly. Few differentiating features of U&Me Messenger are being Around Me which allows you to connect with the U&Me users around you; Events that helps you plan events with your friends; Survey a quick tool to post survey and get reviews from your friends. Other features of U&Me include: HD video call recording up to 10 minutes, group chat with up to 1000 people at a time, file sharing (up to 100 GB), image sharing (15 images at once), instant social sharing (Facebook / Twitter) and document sharing. Overall all it is just lot more than a normal chat app.

U&Me Messenger - Free Text Messaging Apps

Available on: iOS, Android and Windows.

4. IMO

Beyond just basic free messaging service, imo app allows you to text friends and contacts over major IM networks Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM and Skype permitting you to synchronize all accounts. Also, it lets users to share photos, emoticons, voice messages and video for free. Key features include voice calling, push notifications and group chats the features which iOS and Android users can use without consuming plan minutes.

imo, a Free Text Messaging Apps For Smartphones

Available on: iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia.


Send free texts over 100 plus countries across the glove using Pinger. Using its photo-based user interface, users can choose one friend’s photo and see their photos, texts, voice mails and calls at one place. Coming to messaging, Pinger offers you a phone number using which you can send unlimited texts. One more benefit of Pinger is that it allows you to receive a read notification.

Send free text message from your smartphone with Pinger

Available on: Android, iOS, and Windows.

These are the few of the best text messaging applications, do you have any to recommend? Please share your comments below. 

Author Bio: Manjusha Akurathi is a Content Writing Specialist of U&Me Communications. She is in charge of copy writing and corporate communications. She is a passionate blogger, traveler and amateur photographer.

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