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August 7, 2014
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5 Free Amazing Lock Screen Apps For Your Android Device

A high-performing lock screen app does not stop at simply personalizing your locked touchscreen display with a plethora of gorgeous wallpapers. It also helps you to quickly and efficiently get to the apps, notifications, and widgets that you access regularly on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Here are five screen locking apps to consider downloading for free from the Google Play store.

Install one on your Android device to add a little bit of excitement to the otherwise mundane gesture of unlocking a touchscreen display, these five apps have been hand-picked by sellcell.com.


Locker Master offers a variety of interesting themes, creative options to unlock the screen of your mobile device, stylish sidebar navigation, real-time weather forecast information, and a handy flashlight feature. The free app also shows missed calls, unread SMS text messages, and app notifications from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. on your locked screen interface.


Echo Notification Lockscreen sports a selection of clean, minimalist-style screen locking backgrounds. The elegantly simple designs promote an uncluttered environment for the day-to-day tasks you perform on your mobile device. The Echo Notification Lockscreen app allows you to stay organized by categorizing your notifications, displaying details about them, and allowing you to create reminders. It also wakes your touchscreen display only when priority messages are received, thus minimizing distractions.


The live wallpaper themes and background sceneries offered by Galaxy Rainy Locker are breathtakingly vivid. This free Android screen locking app also supports pattern locking for security, displays notifications of unread messages and missed calls, and shows your chosen widgets on your locked screen.


Like Galaxy Rainy Locker, the Cover Lock Screen app has a good selection of spectacular backgrounds and wallpaper themes. What sets it apart from other screen locking apps is its smart setting. Cover Lock Screen can learn your choice of apps for a variety of contexts–such as those you normally use at home, work, etc.–and then places those apps on your locked screen. The app also enables you to set wallpapers and ringer volumes according to context.


Aside from offering a handsome selection of live wallpapers, this free screen locking app offers a unique way of rendering your locked touchscreen display: it shows cropped photos you’ve picked from your image gallery. The cropping patterns of your locked screen images can be shaped into stars, hearts, or shells. DIY Locker also offers support for a sliding calendar plugin, as well as a countdown and count-up monitor on yourAndroid device’s locked screen interface.

If you are happy with the default screen lock system in place on your Android phone then there is no real need to try these apps, however I would suggest that you give 1 or 2 of these a trial run. Most of the apps are compleltly free to download and install, and they have some great little features that allow you to see whats going on in the world without unlocking your phone every 5 minutes.

Author Bio: Craig loves to write about tech, and you will often see him posting about apps, phone reviews, and techniques that you can use on Android and iOS systems.

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