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5 Best Luxurious Hoverboards to Buy in 2019

5 Best Luxurious Hoverboards to Buy in 2019

Have you ever thought about buying something for your loved ones that would make their day incredibly amazing?

Well! Hoverboards are the answer to your question. These are handy and your child’s best play-time object if they are outdoor lovers. Parents are usually concerned about children’s safety, so here we’ll mention some safe and affordable hoverboards that are available at affordable rates.

5 Best Luxurious Hoverboards to Buy in 2019

You might think of them as some new cool technology stuff but these are children’s favorite self-balancing scooters. You need to gain knowledge to prevent yourself from a bad purchase and of course, we’ll help you with that. We have piled up some best Hoverboards for you to choose from. Here you can see reviews of some of them to buy for your beloveds.

1. All-Terrain Halo Rover Hoverboard

It is the official Halo-Rover Hoverboard that has been ranked as best hoverboard in such a short span of time by people who have bought it. It is considered as the future of all hoverboards. It has been designed in the US and is also based there. People are totally enchanted by its fine detailing’s that makes it different than other boards.

Although it is a bit difficult in use for children due to its heavy-duty design, it captures the eye of people in the first look and can carry the weight of 256lbs. Along with its fire-safe battery, it consists of Halo Technology sensors that provide a smooth ride to its user and an inbuilt halo Bluetooth Speakers.

It also has a mobile app, through which you can track speed and its battery life. Constructed with a high-grade aluminum frame and wheel guards, all Halo Rovers are UL 2272 and UL 2271 Safety Certified. The fast air-filled tires make it more comfortable to move on a bumpy road and make a ride of maximum 10 miles fun.

It is also said to be an Indestructible Hoverboard, which is not yet declared for any of the other hoverboards. It can be said, that its extremely high price is worth its importance and popularity in the market. In addition, their exclusive Ride-Assistance Technology also helps riders learn and prevent falling which is the icing on the cake.

2. SWAGTRON T1 Personal Transporter

Swagtron being one of the highest leading brands in the markets today, stands out due to its outstanding models available. If you are in search of safe and secure hoverboard for your kid, then SWAGTRON T1 hoverboard is perfectly designed for you.

T1 is considered a high-end model due to the features that make it stand out in front of other models. It is already secured with UL 2272 certification that makes it secure of any damages or security and safety issues. It has a plus point of gear stabilization for extra controls, also it consists of LED lights that make it stand out even on the roads. It is very easy to master for beginners and learners.

This hoverboard has a charging time of 60+ minutes and covers a distance of approximately 12 miles (19km). You can choose your preferred size and colors according to your own choice and taste.

3. GOTRAX Hoverfly Hoverboard

If you are a beginner and looking for the powerful hoverboard to polish your skills than grab GOTRAX Hoverfly Hoverboard. It is the best self-balancing scooter for beginners.

The Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard has a super-fast charging time. Although it lacks Bluetooth connectivity, it is super affordable that stands out in the highly competitive market. The device has inbuilt LED lights, making it easy for the rider to travel at night also. Not only this.

This beginner level hoverboard comes with the low battery indicator that warns the user when the battery is about to get low. It speeds up to 7.4mph and you are able to enjoy the ride for hours, as it rides to 12 miles per charge. It also consists of additional light features that makes it visible in the dark at the roadside to other passer-bys.

4. EPIKGO Self-Balancing Scooter

This excellent self-balancing scooter has broken certain boundaries, with its interesting options such as its size and more space that makes your ride much more comfortable and fun. It is 30% bigger than other hoverboards in competition.

The Epikgo’s 400W powerful motors and off-road capability are enchanting for many of its users. It covers a distance of 10miles (16kms) per charge with its 8.5” all-terrain tires w/ alloy wheels. White headlights and red backlights make it stand out at the roadside and makes its appearance much more special.

5. Swagtron T6 – Best Hoverboard for Off-Road Use

Swagtron T6 is till date the biggest Swagtron Hoverboard in the market with its most exciting colors, features and powerful appearance. It speeds up to 12mph and supports up to 420 lbs of weight that is double of the weight other hoverboards can carry.

It has a 30° incline ability that makes it move accordingly at mud, grass or gravels. It comes with packed LED lights, along with Bluetooth speakers and App control, making this one much more interesting to use. For safety measures, it also consists of non-slip foot-pads.

Overall Thoughts:

The classy and the elegant look of the hoverboard has attracted the people of all ages. No doubt, it is the hottest transportation gadget of this year and for the upcoming years. However, it is not the newest gadget, still, its stunning look and fantastic ride have made every kid, adult, and youngsters crazy over this trendy gadget.

For all those, who are looking to grab this fun-loving gadget to make their next year wonderful, then go through the above hoverboard models. I hope the above hoverboard full review 2019 will help you enough to buy a luxurious hoverboard that suits your needs for the amazing year of 2019. Thus don’t waste more time buy a fantastic hoverboard and enjoy a sizzling ride.

Your turn:

Now it’s your turn, grab the right hoverboard for yourself after carefully reading the hoverboard reviews and share your experience with us.

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    Swag tron T1 is my favorite its very durable and very easy to ride. I will recommend it for self balancing scooter for buyers.

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