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July 3, 2013
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12 Open Source Android Apps That’ll Blow Your Mind

If you are an open source lover and want to know about some iconic open source Android Applications then this post will enhance your knowledge. With near about 1,00,000 apps, Android club is getting bigger day by day. Here you can find 12 iconic open source android apps, which can enhance the utility of your SmartPhone. So, just get ready to explore the world of open source with Android.


It is an excellent app, which is an accelerometer-based marble guiding game. You can download it from Google play store. In this game play, you need to show the way to the white ball across the mazes in order to reach in the Green zone. Though, it is a simple game, but it really lets you check the quality of your phone’s accelerometer.

K9 Mail

Well, it is an open source email client. This app is based on the email application, which came with the initial release of Android. It is loaded with features like search, push email, and multi-folder sync. Moreover, you can also use features like flogging, filing, signature, and BCC-self.

Say My Name

It is an innovative application, which speaks the name of the person, who is calling you. With the help of text-to-speech library, it wonders you by speaking the name of the caller.

Say My Name (Open Source Android App)

Android SuperGenPass

Android SuperGenPass (Open Source Android App)

Forgetting passwords are a common problem for people as there are millions of websites available, which ask you to own a password. So, this app can help you in keeping your passwords safe in a secured way. You just need to remember the password of this app to access this app.


Astrid (Open Source Android App)

Using a to-do list helps busy people in keeping their schedule up to date. You can increase your productivity level just by using this application.


Pedometer (Open Source Android App)

If you are looking for an app to keep yourself fit and energetic then this app can help you. It can count your steps while walking and running. So, you can keep your fitness plan aligned with your plan. In case, you want to enable the text-to-speech feature of this app, then you will have to activate this option.


Milege (Open Source Android App)

If you are looking for an application, which can help you in managing your car mileage and costing of gas then this app will work best for you. Moreover, you can also export the data of your fuel expenses from this app in any format of your choice.

Count Down Alarm

Count Down Alarm (Open Source Android App)

It is an interesting Android application, which provides you an ample scope for keeping your jobs up-to-date like cooking and laundry.


Secrets (Open Source Android App)

With this application, you can keep your secret passwords and other stuff secure from others. You just need to remember your password to secure your account. With auto-log-out and strong encryption techniques, it does wonders.


Beem (Open Source Android App)

If you are looking for a Jabber client then you can easily use this application. It is a perfect tool for having a chat application.

Four Squared

Four Squared (Open Source Android App)

Well, you can use this application in your Android SmartPhone as it is available under the open source label.

Open Sudoku

Open Sudoku (Open Source Android App)

If you like filling Sudoku every morning in your newspaper, then you will surely love this app.

Now, you can choose your applications to download and install on your Android Smart Phone.

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