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10 Must-Try Applications for Rooted Android Devices

Take pleasure in your open-source OS to the fullest

Rooting your tablet or Android device is not easy yet it is challenging, that involves a series of complex process that usually differ by device. Rooting your device is the first step towards phone customization for most favorable use. After your phone has been rooted, it’s not only allowing you to utilize certain apps, but it also allows you to boost battery life, make your phone perform faster and snappier, remove bloatware and the ability to upgrade the internal systems for exceptional performance you won’t able experience from a non-rooted Android.

applications for rooted android devices

Though you might enjoy exploring your rooted Android phone, bear in mind to always have a backup before you start to attempts to install these 10 must-try apps for rooted Android devices.


As the time goes on your Android device will be filled with apps that usually consume much of your battery life, or it is a reason for the slowdown of your phone. In such case Greenify will help to you determine and hibernate your battery consuming apps when you are not utilizing them.

2.†Chainfire 3D

Are you dreaming of running high-end game, then Chainfire 3D is the answer. This app will serve as a úmiddle manĚ between your graphic driver and apps, letting the users to enable and disable graphics to support newer games, even to the older gadgets.

3.†Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup app is another poplar backup today. Titanium Backup will allow the user to set a backup schedule in order that you will always have that necessary information saved on your device. It is also allows you to easily transfer backups to your personal computer through the use of a USB cable and reinstate it anytime with the Titanium Backup application.

4.†BusyBox Installer

If you look for an app that combines many common UNIX utilities into a small and single executable then BusyBox is perfect for you. Android is Linux based which is also capable of performing composite UNIX commands. Most of the custom ROM’s and rooted apps depend of BusyBox to perform their script and allow them to work, therefore other custom ROM’s have automatically installed this.

5.†Samba FileSharing for Android

This app allows the user to project their SD card storage of their Android device and broadcast it all over their network enable them to easily access its files. Settings are quite similar to what has been setup in your desktop in such case you can easily access the shared folder via another Android gadget.

6.†Root Explorer

Obviously all devices have file manager, but there is a tendency that it limits the user to definite areas of the device built-in storage. But, with Root Explorer you now have a complete control on your device, as this app gives you the ability to modify and transfer files across the entire system.

7.†SetCPU for Root Users

With SetCPU for Root Users you can able to customize the Android phone to work at its best most specially in running games and lighten and load during standby mode, as well able you to boost its performance and improves battery life.

8.†Samsung Multi Window Manager

Through the utilization of Samsung Multi Window Manager App, one with rooted Galaxy phone has the ability to improve the producer’s multi-window view in order for the user to run multiple apps simultaneously, rather than being limited to just a handful of store apps.

9.†Root Browser Lite

Definitely Root Browser Lite app provides users with all the important features on peak of root access permission that user needed if they have something to change on their system files. This app allows the user view and edits any file or even finding for folders and files easily and quickly.

10.†LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher app is used for a quick access about everything on your device. As well LMT Launcher features with customizable gestures called Invisible Swipe AreasĚ that is beneficial in launching for commands and apps; intuitive Pie menu that is accessible from anyplace within the operating system.

The above lists are just 10 of the many beneficial must-try Applications for rooted Android devices in the market, just try it with yourself and decide afterwards which one is the best for you.

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