SEO or SMO Which You Should Prefer For Digital Marketing

SEO or SMO Which You Should Prefer For Digital Marketing

The question is SMO or SEO better is like asking are apples tastier than oranges. Both are essential techniques of online marketing that can boost the business prospects of small as well as large enterprises. They complement each other from the two main pillars of digital marketing. As a user, you can test SEO and SEM to know how they are able to increase the rankings of the website. To further analyze the two strategies, let’s find out how each one benefits the digital marketing space.

SEO or SMO Which You Should Prefer For Digital Marketing?

SEO Or SMO Which You Should Prefer For Digital Marketing

SEO is termed as search engine optimization strategy that works by improving the search engine rankings of the website. The trick is to design the pages and content in such a manner that the visitors find your site on the Google search engine listings. Information provided on the website should be relevant to the niche being promoted in the online space.

As far as SMO is concerned, it involves the setting up and the optimization of the social profiles. If properly created, they are bound to grab as many eyeballs as possible. All contents that are posted on the social media websites can be shared in an instant. Therefore, any idea of relevance can instantly go viral with the Facebook and Twitter account.

It is at the social media profile that the customers can engage with the companies. They can complain or praise the quality of the products and services. A Higher degree of customer engagement can be quite rewarding for the businesses as they can increase the clients base without any hassles. SMO the marketing strategy of the social media can make you an overnight sensation and also improve the search engine rankings by many notches.

How SEO and SMO complement each other?

• Google Panda has undergone a strict update in recent times; hence quality is in and unethical SEO practices would result in an immediate ban from the search engine listing. Companies that are engaging with the users and uploading only relevant information on the social media can improve their Google rankings very quickly.
• Social media plays a vital role in improving the visibility of the businesses. Google is the owner of different channels such as Youtube and Google +. If the content is figuring prominently on those sites, it will naturally get higher ratings by the Search engine. Microsoft, Yahoo, and Twitter are also collaborating with each other to enhance the rankings of the content on Bing search engine listings.
• Twitter links are grabbed by the Search engine partners to display content high on the listings. Therefore, links can be posted on the Twitter to increase the web traffic. You can run Google analytic on the website and find that majority of hits are from the visitors of the Twitter.
• Businesses can create a profile on the Facebook and make it popular among the users. You may end up with a large number of followers and plenty of activities such as engaging posts, liking and commenting. If played rules, the website can easily climb to the top of the search engine listings.
• Search Plus option of Google goes a long way in ranking the content of the web page. It depends on the quality of the information and also the degree of the visibility. An advertiser should make sure to upload the content on prominent social media websites.
• One of the best ways to catch the attention of the users is to launch YouTube videos pertaining to the products and services that are to be promoted. 9 out of 10 times it will be noticed by the Google search engine crawler.
• Gone are the days when only SEO was essential to optimize the website. In the fast changing world of business, the Google search engine immediately recognizes the social signals. For instance, if a post has a maximum number of shares, tweets, likes, and comments, the chances of it getting into the top of Google are fairly high.

How to use Social media to improve SEO strategy:

How to use Social media to improve SEO strategy

• Google Panda has stipulated that only high-quality content would be indexed, so make sure to share only the high-quality posts on Facebook and other social media platforms.
• You should identify the groups on social platforms that might be interested in ideas, products, and services. Targeted marketing strategy will do a whirl of Good to the business prospects. By engaging in meaningful discussions, one can inculcate a general level of interest.
• Companies relaying on business to business deals may find not find Facebook to their advantage. In fact, Twitter would be far effective in such situations. For a business to customer’s relationship, Facebook and Instagram are the ways to move forward. By launching a live profile, you can create a huge fan base that could be later transformed into genuine customers. They would increase the search engine rankings of the website in a quick and effective manner.
• The majority of social media sites have imposed technical constrains on the type of information that can be presented on the search engine listings. If you are not an SMO expert, contact the one and learn how to circumvent the restriction to figure in the top of the listings.
• It is not longer feasible to use the keyword only on the web page and wait for results. On the contrary, the same sets of keywords are required to be used on social media channels to increase engagement with the prospective customers.
• Another factor of Social media that has caught the interest of the crawlers is the geo-tagging of the content. Businesses are now able to target the customers based on the location; therefore small companies servicing a local area can improve their own chances of visibility in the real world.
• Last but not the least SMO plays an important role in generating quality backlinks to the website. It is a far better way than posting the websites on directories of dubious nature around the internet.


By reading the points as mentioned earlier, one can conclude that both SEO and SMO cannot work in isolation. They are both essential to launch effective online campaigns to boost the business sales within the shortest possible time frame.

Author Bio: Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle, Seo Company Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to manage a team of SEO Specialists. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

Why Companies Fail on Social Media

Why Companies Fail on Social Media

Social media has revolutionized and so the world has become a more connected place as ever. To be successful companies need to be active on social media. A lot of companies fumble down in this respect, here is why:

1) Using Social Media like Traditional Advertising:

Honestly, popping up adverts is annoying and it doesnt get any attention from the viewers, but what does work is entertaining content. Be the entertainment, play with peoples emotions and grab their attention.

2) Not Listening to Social Media:

New communication channels on social media allow companies to not know only what people are saying about the company but also what other companies are saying as well.

3) Ignoring their buyers personas:

To connect with your potential customers make an effort to know their interests, metric for success or perceived barriers etc.

4) Thinking that Facebook is enough:

Facebook is the biggest social media website but it is also the most polluted and noisy, not to mention expensive. There are other mediums to social media like Twitter that are much clearer with higher engagement rates.

5) Perceiving their Average Customers to be Unaware of Social Media:

A completely wrong concept, nowadays everyone is on social media. Targeting the children of your target audience may be a great advantage.

6) Inexperienced Personnel in Charge of your Social Media:

Social media is the voice of the company; it should include the top management and not be run by uninvolved and inexperienced personnel.

7) Letting Everyone Post on Facebook:

How Facebook operates is when a post of your company gets popular, has the most likes and shares the percentage of your next post being seen by most people goes up, but if that post gets ignored, the percentage of your next posts getting viewed goes spiraling down. So, make every post count and be strict about it.

8) Putting the Same Content on Every Platform:

There are different platforms for a reason,which appeal to a certain audience in a different psychology. Understand these subtledifferences and apply them in your posts.

9) Not Having Different Strategies for both Social Media and Content Marketing:

Have clear strategies for both, which are directly aligned with businesss goals and budget.

10) Relating Social Media with Sales:

Probably one of the biggest mistakes. Social media marketing doesnt ensure sales, awareness or even generating leads. Blaming lower sales on social media is wrong, there are several factors that affect sales and only some of them fit social media.

Author Bio:Stephen John, working as a blogger at Key Difference. Area of expertise is on Website Designing, Social Media and Mobile App Development.

The Power of Social Networking Sites Working Together

The Power of Social Networking Sites Working Together

All social networking sites have their advantages and disadvantages for businesses who seek engagement with their community. One topic less understood, however, is how social networking sites synergies maximize the reach of a business’ message. Basically, while Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp and YouTube are all different platforms, they all work together to create a harmonious ecosystem, allowing information to be shared freely between them all. Social media marketing Denver agency, Jabbrag, works with a number of small to midsized businesses on these challenges every day and has developed a deep understanding for how social networking sites work together to help a company. This post will provide such examples, many of which can apply to your business.

YouTube Video Sharing

We’ll start off with an easy one. While YouTube is a tremendous platform for videos, getting people to find those videos can prove more difficult. People search YouTube for cat videos and other entertainment, not your business’ case study. This mean’s YouTube isn’t useful for business use, right? Wrong (read the Small Business Guide to YouTube, it’s a great resource for making YouTube work for you). Those who follow your business on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn would love to learn more about you, and video is a tremendous way of doing that. Each platform allows sharing of links (an effective SEO strategy, too) so posting YouTube links is a perfect. What’s more, Facebook auto-embeds the video into your follower’s news feeds, allowing them to view your video right from Facebook.

Facebook Commenting Platform

Your blog’s readers want to leave comments on your post, but are faced with signing in and creating a new alias for your blog platform. Annoying, right? In steps Facebook, with an easy integration into your blog’s comments. Facebook allows commenters to use their Facebook login information to post on your blog’s comment feed. This lowers the barrier to entry for your blog readers and makes them more accepting of your commenting process, since they are already familiar with Facebook’s commenting process.

Foursquare and Yelp: Checking In

If you haven’t explored Foursquare and Yelp as a social media option for your business, then you are behind the times (especially if you are B2C). Users can search, read reviews, and check-in to your place of business on these social networking platforms, telling their network what they’re doing and what they think about a place. Where do other social networking platforms come in? Both Yelp and Foursquare provide the option to their users to share their check-ins on Facebook & Twitter, among other sites. This expands the reach of Foursquare and Yelp beyond its own network, turning what was originally 10 impressions into 100 impressions. Even better, page administrators can add photos and links to their website from their information pages, creating another portal for customers to find them


There are many creative ways in which social networking sites work together to create a healthy ecosystem for your business. Start by exploring Facebook page options. Page administrators can recreate their YouTube channel into the Facebook page itself. Everything from reviews to check-ins to videos are all intertwined to give the connected consumer exactly what he wants. As a social media marketing Denver agency, Jabbrag knows what it takes to be found. Make sure wherever your customers look, there you are.

Author Bio: Nickie Snyder is an online business consultant and blogger Denver Ad Agency. She blogs about social media optimization, online marketing, search engine optimization, ppc and so on. She believes that internet marketing has become more creative and enjoyable with social media. She helps people to create result-oriented SMM strategies and implementations.