JIRA Training Can Boost Your Career

JIRA Training Can Boost Your Career

JIRA is a platform from Atlassian which allows software and agile developers to track, manage and plan their project conveniently. The JIRA platform is widely used in various industries and by some of the most well-known businesses like JP Morgan Chase, Ubisoft and Luxoft Holdings. Reports indicate that JIRA has a market share of about 40 percent and there is a lot of demand for JIRA experts with an average salary of $86,987 annually. Hence software professionals interested in applying for the lucrative JIRA jobs should consider undergoing JIRA training in New York, which will ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to do the assigned activities well.

Overview of JIRA Training

More than 900 professionals have signed up for the Mindmajix JIRA training in New York which is designed so that students develop expertise in bug tracking, managing projects and tracking other issues related to a project. The course provides in-depth training of all aspects of a JIRA project. The trainers have experience in working on real-time JIRA projects and resolving related issues. Mindmajix verifies the background of the trainers. Though the courses are conducted by live streaming, the organization has offices worldwide in Canada, Connecticut, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Bengaluru, Hyderabad

Modes of Training

Mindmajix offers different modes of JIRA training for professionals according to their convenience. Self-paced training using recorded videos from a previous live session are popular with busy professionals who are working. The student can also access the Learning Management System, LMS and other training material developed by experts in JIRA. Those who have flexible schedules can opt for the online live streaming of sessions with an experienced and certified instructor. The students can also access the LMS, the cloud lab. Support and teaching help is available 24 X 7. In addition to regular batches, week end and fast track batches are available. Mindmagix also specializes in Corporate training for companies, and discounted rates are offered. The live streaming courses are conducted using Webex or GoToMeeting software.

JIRA Course Curriculum

The Mindmajix JIRA course is fairly comprehensive and includes all major aspects of Atlassian JIRA software like how to install JIRA in an organization, adding new users to JIRA, generating the reports which are required, testing and managing defects in JIRA. The course also provides an introduction to JIRA Agile and an overview of the Atlassian JIRA marketplace. The course includes thirty hours of training by an experienced instructor and includes a large number of real-world examples so that the professionals have practical experience in handling the platform after they complete the training. Trainees can switch from self-paced training to live streamed training at any stage.

Professionals Benefiting from JIRA Training

There is no prerequisite for undergoing JIRA training. However, some software professionals are likely to benefit from JIRA training. Software testers, testing managers and test leads are likely to benefit most from training in the platform for tracking project related issues. Project development managers and also business analysts handling a lot of data will also benefit from undergoing JIRA training.

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator Review

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator Review

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator is affordable, which makes it one of the least expensive yet powerful GPS models to be found anywhere. The unit is comfy to hold, the buttons are convenient, and the tracking is accurate. We think you will see that the value truly is hard to beat.

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator Review Land


  • Great technology in a starter unit
  • High-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver
  • Stores 20 routes with max 125 waypoints per route
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Easy One Hand Operation

The eTrex H is very easy to use. You may be hard-pressed to find a more simple-to-use GPS than this one. The LCD display is easy to read at virtually any time of day. It is waterproof and very durable. The eTrex H runs for about 17 hours on a pair of AA batteries. This is longer than most comparative models, another reason why this GPS is easier on your wallet.

In the box, you get the eTrex H Handheld GPS navigator along with a wrist strap and a user manual. There are many different carrying cases available which can be purchased for the unit, but this model is very durable so you may not need one. The eTrex H measures in at 2w x 4.4h x 1.2d inches and comes with a one-year warranty.

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator Review

Pros and Cons of the eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator

The battery life goes a little longer than many comparable GPS models. You should still carry around a few pairs of AA batteries on your long hiking trips, but you will feel the value of the battery life this unit offers.

This is a great model for first time GPS owners, and if you enjoy geocaching, this model should be a great tool for you. If you are looking to do a lot of hiking, then you may have to consider purchasing additional maps from Garmin as the built-in maps on this unit are not as detailed and suited to all terrain as the built-in maps on other GPS units. This model does not come with extensive and detailed topographical maps. You will have to purchase them which could cost you more than the GPS itself.

You should be able to figure out the eTrex H with ease. The buttons are simple and it feels good in your hand. For many first time GPS buyers, this model is a complete win because it is so affordable and yet very fast and very powerful. It’s comfortable and accurate. It’s hard to beat for those on a tight budget. Why spend the extra money on a bigger more feature laden GPS when you don’t need all those extra buttons and maps? They may only slow you down.

Is this the right handheld GPS for you? It depends on the types of activities that you will be focusing on. If you are just trying to keep track of your location while on fishing trips, this unit should work surprisingly well because of its price and ease of use. Its simplicity puts it among the best outdoor GPS units. You probably wouldn’t need any extra maps. However, if you are looking for highly detailed topographical maps for your long hiking expeditions, then you may want to consider a different GPS model or factor in the extra price to purchase a good topographical map.

SAP Hana – The Business of the Future

SAP Hana – The Business of the Future

The software industry is growing rapidly nowadays. If you are a technical guy, then SAP HANA is a familiar word to you. However, if you are not pretty familiar with the name, then let me introduce it first. SAP SE (Systems, Applications and Products) is an international software company. They are one of the biggest merchants of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Till now, they have released several programs like- mySAP, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Business One, SAP Business Suite, etc. In 2011, they released SAP HANA.

SAP HANA is the fastest growing software product in the world. There must be some reasons behind this fast growth. Firstly, we know that the databases like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. share a nearly common architecture while HANA (High-Performance Analytical Appliance) uses a different one, i.e. ANSI SQL-compliant ACID database. Secondly, HANA is called the 2nd generation ACID database, and it includes engines like- calculation, spatial, graph, predictive, data quality, business rules and a web engine. Thirdly, business performance is now less than ever due to less hardware, maintenance and testing. Thus, taking a real-time decision is quicker now.

Now what is the future of SAP HANA and how powerful is it as a career?
Let me assure you that the opportunities are endless in this field. There are a number of categories in SAP HANA. All you need to do is know the differences between them and then choose a suitable one depending on your background and interest. The sub-areas are- SAP HANA in-memory Business Consultant, SAP HANA Performance Consultant, SAP HANA BW Consultant, SAP HANA Operations Consultant, SAP HANA Application Developer, SAP HANA Security Consultant and SAP HANA Project Manager.

Maybe you are interested in SAP HANA now. So, what elements are essential to learning SAP HANA?
The knowledge of SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse) and SAP BO (Business Objects) is a must if you want to know HANA. You may omit SAP BI. Besides, the knowledge of Java, PHP and Python are not necessary, but being familiar with them will be your advantage.

Last but not least, SAP HANA is like a kitchen of data platforms where you can cook everything. And anyone can cook simply by doing the SAP HANA training online or offline today. You just make sure that the trainer provides a certificate after the training such as Mindmajix (Online IT Training Institute).

Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings with EasyAzon

Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings with EasyAzon

Amazon has been empowering a lot of people to earn commissions and even make a living. If you are one of those who have already started or want to start an inflow of cash by simply being an affiliate of Amazon, you should first have the needed tools. Mostly what people do is create a website with reviews, recommendation and links to Amazon but here are some important points you should take care of to make sure you do not lose even the least bit of commissions.

easyazon review
Wordpress is the best CMS for any bloggers and Amazon affiliate websites are no different. The flexibility lies in the fat that one can use various plugins to make the job easier without the intensive coding needed. One of the most rated and important plugin is Easyazon. Easyazon has been conceptualized to make things a thousand times easier. This is the first step to take if you are really considering a crash course into Amazon affiliate world and making the process from 0 to hero a thousand times easier. Below are the advantages of taking the Easyazon way:

The Big Freebie!

Yes, unlike others, the freebie supplied with this plugin is an awesome all-rounder! The “Ultimate Amazon Guide 2015” is all about taking your first steps from choosing a suitable domain name to building the website with appropriate contents and finally marketing it. This step by step guide is hugely informational. With videos, pictures and easy to understand way of writing, literally anybody will make you feel like a pro and you will be super confident in venturing into the world of Amazon affiliate commissions. Even if you are a professional, this guide will come in immensely useful and handy in updating you with the latest SEO tricks and marketing procedures. With this guide by your side, you will definitely be ready to get yourself the next income source ready within a matter of a short time.


The Easyazon Advantage

If you already have a website, this is definitely the next big upgrade that may not cost a fortune but will save you a lot of headache and most importantly, time. Easyazon helps in managing your Amazon links thousand times easier. No need to copy and code each link individually, Easyazon has it readily coded and available for you, the way you want. It is easier to use, less complicated and offers much flexibility than any competing Amazon affiliate plugin.


Another top useful feature is the ability to take full advantage of international traffic. Why would you want to waste traffic from countries other than USA if you can incorporate the Amazon links according to countries? Your users, visiting from other countries will automatically see the links to the products that are sold from Amazon website available to their country, without you coding thousands of links. It is easy to sign up for each Amazon affiliate programs and the plugin will automatically find the appropriate products. This is in fact one of the best feature of the plugin.

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EasyAzon v4 Jan 27th Launch - Easy Azon


In short, Easyazon makes the affiliate Amazon link management easier than a snap. It helps you pick and design the affiliate links as you want without coding, helps you take full advantage of international traffic and also has options for product popups and other attention grabbing modifications to boost your commissions up several notches. The freebie guidebook worth $47, is another wonder that deserves mention, which makes understanding and applying the whole affiliate income process easier for beginners and pros alike. If you want to make a difference in your net income statistics, this Amazon affiliate plugin will definitely be a great weapon.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Review

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Review

Finding the right screen capture software isn’t easy – particularly nowadays when there are numerous different options available. More often than not people end up looking for the ‘best’ software out there, but what they don’t realize is that the ‘best’ software may not be the best for them.

The reason for this is simple: A lot of really powerful software out there is intended for professionals and movie studios, so it costs a lot of money and is really very technical in nature. For a hobbyist or beginner, it is unlikely that you’ll end up using even a tenth of what the software is capable of, and even that may be difficult if you aren’t well-versed in video recording and editing.

That is a big part of what makes the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac so appealing. It is powerful and has a ton of attractive features – but more importantly, all of those features are easily accessible thanks to its intuitive user interface. It is designed so that you can just pick it up and use it, even if you have no prior experience or technical knowledge.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Review by TjPlanet

Some of the features of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac include:

  • Custom screen capture settings so you can choose to record your entire screen or just a specific region
  • Being able to select the audio source, whether it is the system audio, a microphone, or even adding a music track
  • Shows keyboard and mouse actions while you’re recording the video, if you choose
  • Captures HD screenshots while recording if need be
  • Has a timer to automatically stop the recording after a certain amount of time
  • Complete video editing tools including cutting, combining, enhancing, adding stylish transitions and special effects, and much more
  • Tons of presets optimized based on various devices and platforms so you can save your videos with the best possible settings

As you can see, it is certainly no slouch when it comes to providing a thorough feature list when screen recording for Mac. Because of how easy it is to use, you’ll find that exploring all these features, experimenting, and seeing what they do is incredibly simple and in no time you’ll have a solid feel for how to use them. In short, if you want to record your Mac’s screen – you should definitely take a bit of time and try it out.

Nokia Lumia 925 – Get The Best Click With Nokia

Nokia Lumia 925 – Get The Best Click With Nokia

As compared to other Smartphones, Nokia Lumia 925 is gathering enough curiosity of a number of people. It has hit the market with additional features along with standard specifications. It is lighter and slimmer as compared to Lumia 920 and with improved features. The phone might just be the perfect opportunity for Nokia to increase its sales by multiple folds.


Operating system:

Similar to the other Lumia phones, Lumia 925 comes with a Windows 8 OS and runs on 1.5 GHz Snapdragon dual core processor which offers smooth performance of the device and thus multi-tasking becomes easy.

Connectivity and media:

The phone supports 2G as well as 3G network in GSM 850/900/1800/900 and HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 RM-892 , HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100 RM-910, RM-893 respectively. The 4G network is also supported by this device. The Nokia Lumia sports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC like connectivity features. This device is a complete entertainment package.

Display and exterior:


The dimensions of the phone is129x70.6×8.5mm and weighs almost 139g. This Nokia model has a capacitive touch screen (AMOLED) and supports multi-touch as well and displays 16M colors. The size of the phone is 4.5 inches and pixels offered are 768×1280. The screen is made of Gorilla Glass 2 and displays HD images and videos. The phone is very handy and comfortable to hold in a hand. Also, the corners of the curve are less curvy and so the chance of slipping the phone from the hand becomes less.


In case of internal memory, Lumia 925 does a great job by offering 16 GB of it so that you can store lots of applications, files and documents. It has no card slot for external memory but you have access to cloud storage of 7GB for free.



The exceptional features of the camera are the specialty of Nokia models and 925 is no exception. The Nokia Lumia 925 sports primary camera of 8.7 MP with exclusive features like dual LED flash, autofocus and image stabilization etc. The front camera is 1.2 MP, which works good as well. The camera uses the optics of Carl Zeiss which is most important for camera lovers and that’s what make this model noticeable. Not only the camera holds the attraction but also the bunch of amazing features and options can make users fall in love with this phone.

With the dedicated button for camera makes clicking the picture easier and reduce the shake when you try to capture a picture. Bright sunlight is not a problem while viewing the screen. In fact, bright sunlight would be an advantage for aiming a shot as the picture looks very clear on the screen due to the light. It has a flash for extra good quality; you can turn it off or on, change the white balance, ISO and aspect ratio. The functioning of the camera is very quick; you can jump from one mode to another in no time and can take good pictures.

When you talk about lenses, there is a lot more to delve into; Lumia 925 has got something outstanding.First one is called as Bing Vision and it is not useful for taking photos but it can scan QR codes and barcodes as well.

Camera Features:

Nokia Lumia 925 Front Home Screen

The feature called as Cinema-graph could be of great use if you are trying to make a short clip for the special ones. It involves combining the pictures along with a video in order to make a clip. This tool captures footage for few second and then loops to create a movable image. You can cut down the length of it by adjusting beginning point and end point, make changes in the speed and then you can share it on social networks or through emails with your friends.

The next one is Panorama which helps user to develop a scene of the multiple shots taken by you and then stitching those numbers of photographs together. It is a good tool and works extremely well.

Last but not the least, the most fantabulous tool of the camera is Nokia Smart Cam. With this you can click list of images in a series and then allows you to choose one that is best from the rest. This could be the best tool as we never like our first picture and thus we don’t have to keep clicking the pictures one after another.

It’s still not done, suppose the pictures you have taken have movements, with this you can develop an action shot by merging the pictures in order to make kind of moving trail in which the same action can be seen at different points. Creating such type of action shot can be tedious sometimes as a small shake can even mess up the entire picture.

Nokia Smart Cam is actually very smart as it ends up choosing the faces where people have their eyes open and smiles on the faces. Also, if you don’t want any movement in the shot, you can remove it.


It has a non removable battery of Li-ion 2000 mAh and has a standby time up to 440 h on 3G. The talk time supported by the device is 18 h 20 min on 2G network and 12 h 40 min on 3G network. Also, you can play music up to 55 h in long journeys and can have fun.

Basic features:

Along with the above mentioned features the device comes with basic features like SNS integration, MP4/WMV player, document editor, photo editor, voice dial through command and predictive text input.


The Nokia Lumia serves the best to the users looking for a stylish smart phone with a great camera. This phone has got everything that an individual would wish to have in his smart phone. Users can download unlimited music form the catalogs. It offers an amazing package of multimedia in a single device. You can take benefit of all the services offered by Nokia Lumia 925 at just Rs 31,780/-