SAP Hana – The Business of the Future

SAP Hana – The Business of the Future

The software industry is growing rapidly nowadays. If you are a technical guy, then SAP HANA is a familiar word to you. However, if you are not pretty familiar with the name, then let me introduce it first. SAP SE (Systems, Applications and Products) is an international software company. They are one of the biggest merchants of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Till now, they have released several programs like- mySAP, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Business One, SAP Business Suite, etc. In 2011, they released SAP HANA.

SAP HANA is the fastest growing software product in the world. There must be some reasons behind this fast growth. Firstly, we know that the databases like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. share a nearly common architecture while HANA (High-Performance Analytical Appliance) uses a different one, i.e. ANSI SQL-compliant ACID database. Secondly, HANA is called the 2nd generation ACID database, and it includes engines like- calculation, spatial, graph, predictive, data quality, business rules and a web engine. Thirdly, business performance is now less than ever due to less hardware, maintenance and testing. Thus, taking a real-time decision is quicker now.

Now what is the future of SAP HANA and how powerful is it as a career?
Let me assure you that the opportunities are endless in this field. There are a number of categories in SAP HANA. All you need to do is know the differences between them and then choose a suitable one depending on your background and interest. The sub-areas are- SAP HANA in-memory Business Consultant, SAP HANA Performance Consultant, SAP HANA BW Consultant, SAP HANA Operations Consultant, SAP HANA Application Developer, SAP HANA Security Consultant and SAP HANA Project Manager.

Maybe you are interested in SAP HANA now. So, what elements are essential to learning SAP HANA?
The knowledge of SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse) and SAP BO (Business Objects) is a must if you want to know HANA. You may omit SAP BI. Besides, the knowledge of Java, PHP and Python are not necessary, but being familiar with them will be your advantage.

Last but not least, SAP HANA is like a kitchen of data platforms where you can cook everything. And anyone can cook simply by doing the SAP HANA training online or offline today. You just make sure that the trainer provides a certificate after the training such as Mindmajix (Online IT Training Institute).

How to Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System in Your House

How to Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System in Your House

How to install ductless heating and cooling system? It doesn’t need a complicated steps or procedure. However, the first thing you have to know is what is ductless heating and cooling systems? The key word here is “ductless”. Ductless systems mean you don’t need air duct in your heating or cooling systems. It will reduce or remove the usage of air duct. That’s why many people say that this system is very efficient, besides doesn’t cost you too much. Why is it cheap? Because the system is simple and you can just do it by yourself.

How to Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System in Your House
You can find the video of installing ductless heating and cooling systems on the internet easily. And you will find that it is just so simple. The ductless system consists of two main part, that is outdoor compressor unit and indoor air-handling. For one compressor you can use it for more than one air-handling. Air-handling often called heads. If you have more that one head, you don’t need to worry you can’t control it one by one. Every heat can be controlled independently, whether it is for cooling or heating system. To connect the compressor and the head you have to make a three-inches-small hole.

Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System

The tools to install it in your room can be found easily. You just need some screws and bore to make a hole. First of all, you have to choose where you will put the head in your room. Make sure that it has the best angel. Why is it so important? Once you put it in the wrong spot, you can’t get the maximum conditioning air in your room. Don’t make it too high or low. Anyway, just find a place in the wall that fit you. After that, open the heating and cooling systems you have already bought.

In the box, you will find a frame for the AC. You can use it to measure the size of the AC. Make it perfectly well-looking too. It means that you have to make it fully horizontal. After that you can connect the AC with the frame, you already connect with the wall. Then, make a small hole beside the AC. Bring the compressor outside and find the best place behind the wall. Don’t choose a place that can make it to hot or cold. After that, connect the AC with the compressor with a wire through the small hole. That’s it. Those are some of the introductions you need to know about how to install ductless heating and cooling system.

The Calculation Of Forced Air Heating And Cooling System Cost

Forced air heating and cooling system cost are around $500 to $1000. That is why many people choose this kind of heating and cooling system. If you look the price of it, you will find that it’s cheaper than any heating and cooling system. Although, this stuff uses electricity power, but the consumption of the energy is not really high. Not only to lower your cost, forced air heating and cooling system will be more friendly to the environment. That is the reason why some greenhouse communities recommend this air heating and cooling system.
Before we talk about it further, you have to know exactly what is forced air heating and cooling system? Let’s take some notes of it. This stuff is almost the same with conventional air conditioning that uses electricity power. However, it is more efficient that conventional AC. People usually use this stuff to heat their house, especially big house with more than one floor. If your house has two floors, this system will help you to maintain the temperature of your house in the whole place. If you put the system on the first floor, it will make the second floor has the same temperature the first floor.
Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System in your House

For example, your second floor has warmer temperature than the first floor, while you want it as cold as the first floor, the forced air heating and cooling system will work it out. If you have this stuff in your house, your second floor will be as cool as the first floor. There are some other advantages of using this system. Some factories produce a beautiful design for the stuff. Therefore, it will decorate your house rather that wastes its space only. Moreover, the installation of the unit is not very complicated.
The next advantage is this system has soundless work. Even, you will never notice whether the stuff is whether turn on or turn off. Some air conditioners have very much noise to your ear. It will disturb your sleep rather than makes you comfortable. How about the cost? The basic model of this system will only cost you $500. Then for the installation, it will cost you around $300 to $400. Besides, if you need to buy some tools to install it, it will cost you $100 for maximum. In other words, it will only cost you $1,000 for maximum forced heating and cooling system cost.

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