Manage Your Online Reputation with ReputationCloud Saas

Manage Your Online Reputation with ReputationCloud Saas

SaaS stands for Software as a Service which is trending around the world. If you are not familiar with the term, it is a model of distributing applications to selected people which allow them to access data easily. All you need to access is an internet connected device. SaaS revenue is going to be doubled in the coming years – said in a recent survey. So the vendors are increasing day by day, but among them who is the best?

The idea of SaaS came in late 1990’s, but it became universal in the recent years. Today I am going to introduce a renowned one, ReputationCloud. ReputationCloud was formed in ten years ago. Unlike other companies, it has got a large team off the record. Expert data collectors, professional analysts and highly qualified statisticians made the team heavyweight. Their tools are updated and I really love their searching technology. They are innovative in their way of thinking.

MEASURE AND CONTROLImmediately evaluate the impact of your online marketing activities!THE EVOLUTION OF YOURREPUTATION OVER TIME

I tried several SaaS providers – some of them was good and some of them was not. ReputationCloud has successfully enchanted me as the consequences of their work stayed for a long time. They told me both the positive and the negative feedbacks. If they did not brief me about the negative one, I would not be judicious to focus on them. I got all my works compacted by paying a little monthly subscription fee. After working time to time, their asking price does not seem sharp to me. They will offer you discounts and stuffs if you are a regular client. They also offer custom-made packages if you require.

There are a couple of things which can affect the promotion of your product or brand. ReputationCloud introduces Online Reputation Management (ORM) not to let you down. They will look after your reputation in every possible aspect. They give you a trained consultant if you aim for ReputationCloud Professional service. This consultant will tell the current situation and guide you through improvements as well as lacking. There are some more extra options on their website which is currently accessible to the German people. I hope it will be available globally soon.

The user interface is very common and familiar. Also, they will give you options to customize your own. The administration process is easier than before. They offer automatic updates and patch management when necessary. All the user under same network will have the same version. There is no need of any extra hardware to host it. You can design particular data fields if you wish. If you need more services, you can have it just by notifying them. I can assure you that there is no hidden charge.

However, you may start loving this vendor, but one thing come to your mind that is data ownership. It totally depends on you. They will know what you authorize them to know. Their privacy policies are good enough.

Last but not least, ReputationCloud support team is awesome. If you face any problem, they are at your service over Facebook, email and direct phone call.

Things to Consider When Choosing Employee Performance Management and Appraisal Software

Things to Consider When Choosing Employee Performance Management and Appraisal Software

One of the major roles of the leaders and managers of an organization is to maintain their employee’s growth and development. This means, they must reward their employees with appraisal according to their dedication and performance. Appraisal system not only helps in keeping the employees happy, but also satisfied as every employee love to get value for his or her hard work. Employees really appreciate when their organization pays them for the pain they have taken for the growth and betterment of the organization. So, it is important that management must learn these tactics of keeping their staff happy and motivated.

Of course, keeping the track record of appraisal and performance of every employee is not an easy job, especially, in the big organization where the number of employees is much more. To help them with this, several Performance Appraisal Software, Employee Performance Management Software and Systems have been introduced in this advance technology-owned world. These software and systems are widely used by many organizations across the globe.

Performance management systems and performance appraisal software can help in quickly measuring the performance of the employees and their appraisal dues. Further, these automated systems can help in enhancing the evaluation processes of the organizations while adding various unique features.

Below is given a short guide on things to keep in mind when looking for any such software for your organization.

1. Goals:

The main objective of performance management and appraisal is to find out whether the goals of the organization have been successfully achieved or not. Keep this at the center when looking for performance management and appraisal software. This way, you can easily allocate your organization’s goal to your employees and verify up to what extent they have been accomplished.

2. Employees Performance Notes:

It is essential for the leaders to review the performance of their each employee. For this, they generally need to depend on their managers or HR employee performance notes, which can be biased as well. So, using effective performance software can help the leaders in effectively putting together all the notes at one place and go through them whenever required.

3. Documentation:

Backup documents on the date evaluated by any software or system are very important as they can get corrupt anytime. So, it is good to look for the software that provides documentation of the data they are producing. This way, you can get assurance of the protection of the data fetched by the software for future reference.


Keeping this guide in mind when seeking for a performance management system and appraisal software for your organization can help you in picking the right one that can best fit the needs of your organization.

Author Bio: Nithin Singh writes various articles and blogs about employee performance management software, training management system, human resource software, attendance software etc. For more information, please visit our website at EmployWise