How to Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System in Your House

How to Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System in Your House

How to install ductless heating and cooling system? It doesn’t need a complicated steps or procedure. However, the first thing you have to know is what is ductless heating and cooling systems? The key word here is “ductless”. Ductless systems mean you don’t need air duct in your heating or cooling systems. It will reduce or remove the usage of air duct. That’s why many people say that this system is very efficient, besides doesn’t cost you too much. Why is it cheap? Because the system is simple and you can just do it by yourself.

How to Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System in Your House
You can find the video of installing ductless heating and cooling systems on the internet easily. And you will find that it is just so simple. The ductless system consists of two main part, that is outdoor compressor unit and indoor air-handling. For one compressor you can use it for more than one air-handling. Air-handling often called heads. If you have more that one head, you don’t need to worry you can’t control it one by one. Every heat can be controlled independently, whether it is for cooling or heating system. To connect the compressor and the head you have to make a three-inches-small hole.

Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System

The tools to install it in your room can be found easily. You just need some screws and bore to make a hole. First of all, you have to choose where you will put the head in your room. Make sure that it has the best angel. Why is it so important? Once you put it in the wrong spot, you can’t get the maximum conditioning air in your room. Don’t make it too high or low. Anyway, just find a place in the wall that fit you. After that, open the heating and cooling systems you have already bought.

In the box, you will find a frame for the AC. You can use it to measure the size of the AC. Make it perfectly well-looking too. It means that you have to make it fully horizontal. After that you can connect the AC with the frame, you already connect with the wall. Then, make a small hole beside the AC. Bring the compressor outside and find the best place behind the wall. Don’t choose a place that can make it to hot or cold. After that, connect the AC with the compressor with a wire through the small hole. That’s it. Those are some of the introductions you need to know about how to install ductless heating and cooling system.

The Calculation Of Forced Air Heating And Cooling System Cost

Forced air heating and cooling system cost are around $500 to $1000. That is why many people choose this kind of heating and cooling system. If you look the price of it, you will find that it’s cheaper than any heating and cooling system. Although, this stuff uses electricity power, but the consumption of the energy is not really high. Not only to lower your cost, forced air heating and cooling system will be more friendly to the environment. That is the reason why some greenhouse communities recommend this air heating and cooling system.
Before we talk about it further, you have to know exactly what is forced air heating and cooling system? Let’s take some notes of it. This stuff is almost the same with conventional air conditioning that uses electricity power. However, it is more efficient that conventional AC. People usually use this stuff to heat their house, especially big house with more than one floor. If your house has two floors, this system will help you to maintain the temperature of your house in the whole place. If you put the system on the first floor, it will make the second floor has the same temperature the first floor.
Install Ductless Heating and Cooling System in your House

For example, your second floor has warmer temperature than the first floor, while you want it as cold as the first floor, the forced air heating and cooling system will work it out. If you have this stuff in your house, your second floor will be as cool as the first floor. There are some other advantages of using this system. Some factories produce a beautiful design for the stuff. Therefore, it will decorate your house rather that wastes its space only. Moreover, the installation of the unit is not very complicated.
The next advantage is this system has soundless work. Even, you will never notice whether the stuff is whether turn on or turn off. Some air conditioners have very much noise to your ear. It will disturb your sleep rather than makes you comfortable. How about the cost? The basic model of this system will only cost you $500. Then for the installation, it will cost you around $300 to $400. Besides, if you need to buy some tools to install it, it will cost you $100 for maximum. In other words, it will only cost you $1,000 for maximum forced heating and cooling system cost.

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What All You Need to Know About Backing Up Your WordPress Database?

What All You Need to Know About Backing Up Your WordPress Database?

Creating regular backups of your WordPress database is undoubtedly the best thing you can do to save yourself from the severity of catastrophic situations, such as: when your website is hacked or you get locked out of your WordPress admin accidentally. If any of such situation happens, you can run your database backup to restore the database to a hack-free and a more recent version.

You can choose to create a backup of your WordPress database manually, or using plugins as you deem perfect. Through this post, I’ll make you aware of both these approaches for creating backup of your WordPress database. But, before getting any further, let us take a look at the WordPress files present in the database that you’ll need to backup:

  • All your WordPress posts and pages
  • Post-related data present in your site, including meta-descriptions, authors, and categories.
  • All of the readers’ comments.

How You Can Backup Your WordPress Database Automatically?

Since most website owners and bloggers are not tech-savvy, they prefer using a WordPress plugin to do the job automatically. Below are 3 of the most popular WordPress database plugins worth a look:

1. WP-DB-Backup

Downloaded over 5 million times, WP-DB-Backup is one of the most sought-after and widely used WordPress backup plugins worth a try. The plugin focuses only on creating a backup of the WordPress website database. It’s an excellent tool for users who don’t have access to phpMyAdmin tool that is required for backing up WordPress database manually.


The plugin makes the process of creating database backups extremely simple and straightforward. It also provides the option to schedule automatic database backups (on hourly, daily, or weekly basis) and even help in restoring the database. You can download this plugin for free from the official WordPress Plugin directory.

2. WP-DBManager

The plugin not just help to backup your WordPress site database, but also enables to optimize, restore and delete the backed up database automatically according to the set schedule.


What’s more? WP-DBManager even allows to reduce the size of a WordPress website database, as it helps empty the records of all the tables and even remove the table from the database. The plugin is free to use.

3. WP Database Backup

This is a relatively new and free-to-use WordPress plugin that helps backup your database, but does not help to backup your WordPress files. It even helps restore the backup with just a single click. It automatically creates a backup of the database on a repeating schedule.

WP Database Backup

This plugin allows to download the backup file directly from your WordPress website admin panel. Most importantly, it helps store the backup on secure storage places like Dropbox, email and FTP.

How to Backup Your WordPress Database Manually?

While using a plugin makes the process of creating a backup of WordPress database easy, but still it is advised that you should know how you create a backup for your WordPress site’s database manually. Here, I’ll let you know two different methods that help in creating WordPress Database Backup without using a plugin.

1. Use MySQL to Create Database Backup

The very first method requires using MySQL to make the backup of the database, using the following steps:

  • Access your phpMyAdmin using the login credentials. Once you’ve entered the phpMyAdmin, search for your WordPress Database and select your website database.
  • After selecting the database, hit the tab titled as “Export”.
  • Next, you’ll have to compress the database files. For this, choose a compression method (preferably gzip), and then click on the “Execute” button.
  • Now you’ll be able to see a message inside your browser window, asking you to “Download this file”. Simply, click on the “Yes” option and the backup of your database will be created.]


2. cPanel Backup Method

The second recommended method to make backup of the WordPress database requires using the cPanel. First off, login to your cPanel. After successfully logging into the cPanel screen, click on “Backups”, and from that option, scroll down to the option that says: “Download a MySQL Database Backup”. You just need to click on your website database (the one you want to backup), and finally download the backup.

Rules To Follow When Creating a WordPress Backup:

Irrespective of what backup solution you prefer to use for your WordPress database, make sure to follow the below rules to perform the task efficiently:

  • Make sure to backup the database of your WordPress website prior to installing a new upgrade.
  • Remember to save your database backups in 3 different forms and/or places (like a DVD, your email account, etc.)
  • Often plugins can add bloat to your website database and can exceed the size of database files. Thus, make sure to keep a backup of the most important plugins that are installed on your site.
  • Do carry out a manual backup of the database to keep it protected from malicious hacks while using any automated backup solution.


Have you been seeking out ways to backup your WordPress site’s database? Well, then I’ll recommend you to carefully read the methods covered in this post to make the database backup to do your job efficiently. Also, be sure about following the rules before getting started with the process of backing up your website database.

Author BiographySamuel Dawson is a instinct expert in Designs2html Ltd with a great passion to work on consistent methodologies of web design and development. He is able to convert html to wordpress in a creative manner. Samuel has shared a great article above on how a database of a WordPress can backed up.

5 Common WordPress Installation Errors Users Need to Know About

5 Common WordPress Installation Errors Users Need to Know About

It’s been twelve years since WordPress was launched, and still it is one of the most preferred website development platforms for many. The ever-growing popularity of WordPress can be attributed to the tons of customization opportunities it provides to site owners to come up with a fully tailored website design.

So, if you’ve decided on using the WordPress platform for your web development project, the chances are that you might encounter several issues during WordPress installation. Through this post, I would like to help you learn about some common installation problems in WordPress and how you can fix them.

1. WordPress Admin is Showing a Blank Page

When updating your WordPress website to a new version update, your installation might stop, and you’ll see a blank page. Also, you might not be able to access your site’s admin dashboard screen:

How to fix this problem?

The best way to tackle the above mentioned problem is to download your WordPress install manually. For this part, download a new WordPress copy with .zip extension to your system. Next, unzip the downloaded copy and use it for copying all your files and folders (leaving your configuration file and the “/wp-content/” directory). And then, delete the older versions of wp-admin and wp-includes folders and files before uploading the new ones on your web server.

2. WordPress Shows a Directory Listing Instead of a Web Page

Once your WordPress site is installed, you might see directory instead of web pages.

How to fix this problem?

To solve this problem, there are two different solutions:

  1. Simply tell your web server to view “index.php” file by default. This requires using the “DirectoryIndex index.php” directive in Apache web server.
  1. The simplest way to resolve this issue is to create a new .htaccess file within your installed directory. And then, add your directive there or else you can place the directive to the configuration files of your web server.

3. Inability to Modify Header Information

Often we tend to make syntax error while making edits to the WordPress configuration (i.e. wp-config.php) file, because of which you may receive an error message on your web browser saying: “Warning: Cannot modify header information …” as you can see in the below image:

wordpress install error

How to fix this problem?

To deal with such an issue, you just need to get rid of unwanted data from your wp-config.php file in the form of spaces, text, or other stuff.

Step 1 – Download your wp-config.php file on your system using an FTP client.

Step 2 – Open the downloaded configuration file in a text editor of your choice.

Step 3 – When you’ve opened the config file, simply check if the first line within that file contains only “<?php” and does not contain any spaces before it:

Inability to modify header information

Step 4 – Next, make sure that the last line of your configuration file contains only “?>”, without any spaces in between.

Step 5 – In case you are saving your wp-config.php file in Unicode, then make sure that your text editor does not add any byte order mark (BOM). Unfortunately, the majority of Unicode-enabled text editors won’t tell you whether it will be adding a BOM to files or not; and so, make sure to select a text editor that can inform you about the same.

Step 6 – Lastly, save your configuration file.


Note: Adding too many “<?php ?>” tags in your source code might result in a gibberish web page. This happens because sending <?php ?> tags to the browser mean that your PHP isn’t working correctly. Remember that your site’s PHP code needs to be executed before your server sends your markup (i.e. HTML) to your web browser. In addition, ensure that your server fulfills all the requirements needed to run WordPress. Also, make sure to install and configure PHP in a proper way. 

4. Error Establishing a Connection to Database

Your WordPress site, at times, might not be able to establish a connection to your database.

How to fix this problem?

There could be several reasons that might cause this error. For instance, your database login credentials are not right, or server is unresponsive and so on. When receiving such an error, make sure if it occurs on both the front-end as well as the back-end of your site.

If you receive the same message on the front-end and admin area, then follow these steps:

Step 1 – Add a line of code in your wp-config.php file, as follows:

define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);

Step 2 – Visit the web page in the path:

You will be able to view the following window:

wordpress Error establishing a connection to database

Users cannot login in the admin area when the database is corrupt. And so, clicking on the “Repair Database” option will help you in repairing your corrupted database.

5. Your Website Images Aren’t Working

If you utilize the “Rich Text Editor” such as TinyMCE for editing a WordPress blog that is installed in a subdirectory, then your newly uploaded image that you dragged into the editor field may not be visible after a few seconds. This occurs such TinyMCE often do not get enough information about drag operation that creates the image path.

How to fix this problem?

Make sure not to drag your uploaded images into the TinyMCE editor. Rather, simply “click and hold on” the uploaded images, and then select the “Send to Editor” option.

Wrapping Up

As a novice developer or an individual looking forward to installing a WordPress website, you must be ready to resolve a few common installation issues. Reading this post will help you become familiar with 5 such issues and solutions to fix them.

Author Biography: Samuel Dawson is a mature developer with relevant experience in Front End development technologies. Samuel has been a cumulative PSD to WordPress theme conversion service provider all over the world. He is also an expert designer.

How to Use WordPress For Building an Ecommerce Website?

How to Use WordPress For Building an Ecommerce Website?

With eCommerce sales increasing year after year, embracing e-commerce can help retailers generate good revenue. Now, if you’re planning to establish yourself as a solid e-commerce business, then you can find various platforms to achieve such a need.

How to Use WordPress For Building an Ecommerce Website_

The problem is, not all of the platforms can address your e-commerce needs. Moreover, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider for creating a successful e-commerce site like design, functionality, etc., all of which can prove quite expensive.

Using WordPress, you can build a great e-commerce site without having to invest chunks of money. Through this article, I’ll make you learn about some important steps following which you can build an ecommerce site in the most efficient manner possible.

Step 1 – Analyze Your Needs

There are three main components that help turn a regular website design to an e-commerce site, such as product pages, shopping cart option, and checkout process. So, before choosing any option to build your WordPress powered e-commerce site, it is crucial to analyze your website needs by asking yourself a few questions such as:

• Do you want to sell products through your WordPress site or not?
• What all e-commerce features and functions are essential for your website growth?
• Would you like to include any discount or coupon codes in your online storefront? and so on.

Step 2 – Choose an Ecommerce Template

If you’re a startup and want to build up your online storefront with minimal time and efforts, then you should begin by searching a suitable WP theme that can best serve your e-commerce needs. Most importantly, pick a responsive theme that could automatically adjust to fit any device screen size and resolution. WordPress offers plenty of themes for building varied type of sites, ranging from e-commerce to several other sites.

If you don’t want to spend a dime in putting up your e-commerce site, then you can search for a free e-commerce theme from the WordPress Theme Directory. But, in case you need to have more advanced customization features and other options, it is advised that you should consider selecting a premium e-commerce theme.

You can find great WordPress e-commerce templates from third-party sources like Themeforest, Colorlib, Elegant Themes, etc. All of the premium themes come with paid developers support. And so, you can clear out any of your queries regarding your theme from your theme developer.

Step 3 – Extend Your Website E-commerce Functionality Using Plugins

Once you’ve installed and activated a WP e-commerce theme, next look for plugins that helps add or extend e-commerce functionality of your website theme. Below is a list of plugins that can help you set up your online shop in no time:

WP e-commerce

WP e-commerce

WP e-commerce is one complete package that helps in building an e-commerce site with all the essential features. This is a free to use plugin available in WP official plugin repository.

The plugin gives the ability to sell anything from your online shop, ranging from digital products, to physical inventory and more. So, if you want to build a WP online shop primarily to sell more, then WP e-commerce plugin is worth a try.

WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce

WooCommerce - excelling eCommerce

The main reasons behind WordPress the increasing popularity as an e-commerce platform can be attributed to the WooCommerce plugin. This plugin was built to help transform WP sites to a fully functional e-commerce store. It is one plugin you can’t miss to explore if you want to run your online business successfully.

This plugin comes loaded with an intuitive dashboard that helps keep track of your stock, sales and other crucial elements. Besides this, it contains several exemplary features, including payment options, PayPal gateway, Google Analytics, and much more. It’s free to download.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

Well, as the name suggests, the Easy Digital Downloads plugin gives users the ability to carry out digital downloads easily. If you want to set up an e-shop that sells digital products (and not physical products) like e-books, software, manuals, etc. then this is the right plugin for you.

The Easy Digital Downloads plugin is a free plugin and yet provides several remarkable features to create a powerful e-shop. Some of its features are multiple payment gateways, bundled products, provide payment history, cart system and a lot more.

Final Words

When it comes to creating an online shop using WordPress, there are plenty of themes and plugins available online that can help you accomplish your objective without much hassle. Once you’ve created your e-commerce site using a WordPress theme and installed plugins to extend your theme’s e-commerce functionality, there are a few recommendations you should take into account:

• Change your e-commerce site permalink structure to pretty permalinks.
• Write useful product descriptions with high-quality images.
• Add compelling CTAs (call-to-actions) to encourage users to take some action.

There are several other key considerations that you need to consider for setting up a successful WordPress online shop, but I’ve tried to cover some of the basic things that will help you lay a strong foundation for your online business via your e-commerce site.

Author Bio: Sophia Phillips is a PSD to responsive WordPress conversion expert with a hands-on experience in developing front-end for websites. Currently, she is employed with WordPrax Ltd.- a leading WordPress Development company. Sophia has written a remarkable number of articles on WordPress tricks and tip.

Reconstruct and Rebuild Corrupt RAID Arrays for RAID Recovery

Reconstruct and Rebuild Corrupt RAID Arrays for RAID Recovery

RAID reconstruction is a safe and effortless procedure to safely recover data from inaccessible or corrupt RAID hard drives without damaging data stored on original disks. In reconstruction, stored data will be salvaged from the original disks and saved into another disk of same or higher capacity.

RAID reconstruction requires you to recall certain RAID parameters and enter wherever required. Required RAID parameters are starting sector, drive order, block size, RAID rotation, etc. If you exactly remember these, you can immediately reconstruct data stored on RAID hard drives. Else, use RAID recovery software capable in automatically calculate the RAID parameters based on inputs taken and reconstruct RAID arrays which makes your RAID architecture accessible again.

Reasons of unsuccessful RAID reconstruction

There are various occasions when the RAID server become inaccessible and requires to reconstruct arrays. If you’ve provided incorrect RAID parameters while reconstruction process like wrong drive order, parity bit or block size, etc., it’ll result in failed reconstruction.

Don’t worry if the reconstruction fails, you can run it again. As the reconstruction operation is safe and doesn’t write anything to the original drives, unlike Rebuild operation, you’ll be able to run it again with different parameters and see if this time reconstruction is successful.

Understanding differences between RAID Rebuild and RAID reconstruct

Rebuilding or repairing RAID is unsafe and might lead to permanent data loss if the operation is unsuccessful. Using utilities provided by RAID controller manufacturer, you can try rebuilding failed RAID arrays by modifying Disk order. Please remember that the whole procedure is irreversible and can make connected hard drive permanently inaccessible.

Whereas, RAID reconstruction is considered to be safe and can be performed multiple times if the previous operation is unsuccessful.

Reconstruct and Recover RAID hard drive data using recovery tool

Available recovery tool for RAID 5 comes with multiple benefits and capabilities to reconstruct or repair RAID arrays. You’ll be able to recover any type of documents, i.e. Photos, Music, Videos, Emails etc. from a RAID hard drive as well as externally connected media like removable USBs, hard drives, CD DVDs etc.

Stellar Phoenix RAID recovery supports reconstruction on different RAID levels, 0, 5 and 6. It lets you create a virtual RAID level when all the possible reconstruction fails and allows you extracting all the stored files from connected RAID controller disks.

How to reconstruct corrupt RAID arrays and recover data:

  • Download and install this RAID recovery tool on master PC. Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery

or Download from cnetStellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Technician

  • Start program from program list or from the desktop.
  • ‘RAID Recovery’ will be listed under ‘Data Recovery’ tab
  • Select RAID levels you’re trying to reconstruct – RAID 0, RAID 5 or RAID 6.
  • All the connected RAID hard drive will be listed under ‘Select Hard Drive to Reconstruct RAID’
  • Use ‘left’ and ‘right’ slider as well as up and down sliders to move hard drive into correct possible order that you could remember.
  • Click on check box stating ‘Don’t know start sector of hard drives. Show list of probable start sectors’ to let software automatically decide the possible start sector.
  • Under ‘Select RAID Parameters’, you can select two or more possible start sector or define yours onto the text box and click on add sector.
  • Further, you’ll need to select stripe/block size, parity order/ rotation and parity repetition/delay under the same ‘select RAID Parameters’ section.
  • Click on ‘Build RAID’ to begin the reconstruction procedure and software will begin applying all the possible combination of RAID parameters to successfully reconstruct RAID arrays for you.
  • You’ll be able to see files stored on RAID hard drive and can recover it to your desired destination drive once the reconstruction procedure is complete.

Related Post: Software Review: Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery

About the author: 

Oliver is a passionate blogger and in the industry for last 8 years. If you’d like to find more work of Oliver, heads up to his twitter page @oliverstellar.

Recover Deleted Files With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Recover Deleted Files With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

With the high dependency that we have on data, it is a real painful experience if we were to lose it. That’s why you will need a reliable data recovery solution to cater for all your needs. EaseUS data recovery software is the answer to your problems especially if you need it to undelete windows 7.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is among the top EaseUS data recovery software that is robust and user-friendly that doesn’t require you to have any technical knowledge to be able to perform tasks like undelete windows 7.

The EaseUS data recovery software can be used to recover data due to deleting, formatting, partition loss, improper operation and everything else for that matter. It can be used to recover deleted files or whatever you thought that you had lost. This includes pictures, videos, audio, emails and documents. In just 3 simple steps, you should be able to get whatever you had lost.

Recover or Restore  deleted files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The free EaseUS data recovery software has 2 scan modes. With Quick Scan, it should be able to find deleted files while the Deep Scan mode will help you to find all of your formatted, inaccessible or lost files. It can be used to recover lost data from your PC, laptop, digital device, server as well as storage media. Plus you can pause it at any time and continue where you left off. It also allows you to save the scan results and import it so that you can perform undelete windows 7 without having to scan again. This will save you lots of time.

Once the scan is completed, the EaseUS data recovery software has a feature that allows you to preview before confirming the files that you are going to recover deleted files. You can also filter by file name, type and date which do help a lot.

Finally, the EaseUS data recovery software is absolutely safe for the home user so you can perform the undelete windows 7 with a peace of mind. In just 3 simple steps and a couple of clicks, you should be able to get back whatever it is that was missing.

The 3 steps involved are:

Step 1 – Download, install and launch the software

Step2 – Choose the file types and location of the scan

Step 3 – Preview and proceed with the recovery process

That’s all you need and in just a few minutes, you should be able to get back whatever it is that you may be missing.

In short, the EaseUS data recovery software is extremely useful and it is better to be safe than to be sorry.