“SuperTube” Download YouTube videos in HQ and HD through Windows Phone

“SuperTube” Download YouTube videos in HQ and HD through Windows Phone

Do you have buddies who use Windows Phone?
If there is a best part about it for you. SuperTube this program you can use to obtain and play and download YouTube videos in HQ and HD by 3G or WiFi for free.

SuperTube functions include:

1. Download YouTube videos (supports resume broken downloads)
2. Record and upload videos to YouTube (Resume broken uploads support)
3. Sync the downloaded videos with your PC by installing a client on your PC.
4. App can run in background to show numbers and screenshots of newest videos in the channels you pinned.

5. Perform the audio of the movie under lock.
6. Fast App Switching (FAS)
7. Map Tube: perspective the movie clips near your location.
8. Multi-Language and Multi-region support
9. Video sharing via Facebook or myspace, Tweets, SMS or E-mail.

And various other features that you can instantly read on the main page SuperTube.

Unknown when SuperTube for Windows Phone application will continue to become free. But until this article was written, the program can still be acquired absolutely no cost at the following SuperTube page:

Click Here to Download SuperTube.