Four Apps To Help Real Estate Agents To Gain The Upper Hand

Four Apps To Help Real Estate Agents To Gain The Upper Hand

Even though the housing market in many areas is rebounding, the past few years have no doubt been rough for many real estate agents that have been faced with an ever-shrinking amount of demand and a seemingly endless supply of houses on the market. In such an environment, gaining the upper hand on the competition is vital if agents wish to remain relevant and active in the world of real estate. By having a series of tools at their disposal, select agents can prosper even in terrible economic climates. Below, we will be discussing four mobile apps that help real estate agents gain a better understanding of their territories and help maximize their earnings.

Open Home Pro

Real Estate Agents iOS App

Perhaps the most popular app currently available for real estate agents, Open Home Pro gives its users access to managed plans for open house events, automatic lead generation services and the ability to create listing pages that can be used on a variety of different websites. Priced at $14.99 on the iTunes Store, Open Home Pro delivers in ways that listing agents expect: by offering a comprehensive tool for creating beautiful listings, you can truly showcase the benefits of any home. You will enjoy capturing photos with your iPhone and proceed to directly upload them to the Open Home Pro servers for later distribution, along with your landing page.

Open House Manager

iPhone App for Real Estate Agents

Those who wish to centralize data collection and storage will love Open House Manager, an app available for all iOS devices. Using this collaborative application, you will be able to collect sign-in information at open houses directly, using an iPad or iDevice. This information is then stored via the cloud and can be accessed later for various tasks. You will be able to use the app to subsequently send detailed home reports to prospective buyers, shoot out follow-up emails and even create survey questions that can be used to collect more information from buyers. This app can be downloaded via the iTunes Store for $4.99.


iOS APPs for Real Estate

Any real estate agent who is using technology to garner leads and earn extra income will understand how important social media management can be in developing a truly versatile real estate platform. HootSuite is a comprehensive social media manager that can post to any social platform, translate messages for various audiences and even be configured to send out specific updates at a later date and time. Perfect for those who do not have the time to flip back and forth between multiple apps; HootSuite combines all the aspects any real estate agent would engage in via social media into one easy to use system.


android App for Real Estate Agents

Document signing is a huge part of any real estate agent’s daily life, and any app that can make this process easier for both the agent and the buyer in question is a welcomed development. Enter DocuSign, a full-featured way for individuals to complete any signature or contractual agreements without having to be in person. While this may not suffice for every single document, you will be able to utilize this app (available for Android and iOS devices) to ease the burden on yourself and all buyers involved in any signing process.

Author Bio: This Guest post written by Don Mathew, he can be considered  a technology fanatic. Interning as a real estate agent in Newmarket, he spends his nights collecting information about the latest technologies. With his gadget addiction and creative mind, he is keen on getting his obsession and his work close together.

Starting A Landscaping Business? Check Out These Four Apps

Starting A Landscaping Business? Check Out These Four Apps

With any new business, the first few months are crucial in ensuring stability and long-term solvency by making the most efficient and intelligent decisions. Seeing how half of all small businesses fail within their first five years, having a game plan and an organised approach will help reduce the chances that your small business will falter. This approach is particularly important when dealing with landscaping businesses, since most operate only during select seasons. Thanks to technology, improvements in efficiency and communication can be achieved in a variety of ways. Below, we will discuss four apps that are helping landscaping businesses stay ahead of the competition and interact with clients and fellow employees more effectively.

Landscape & Garden Calculators

Android Apps for Landscaping Business

Perhaps the only calculator you will ever need, the Landscape & Garden Calculators app – available on the Android Marketplace for $7.99 – includes more than forty unique calculators that help contractors calculate needed materials and costs for hardscapes, softscapes, lawns, gardens, walls and more. Building a pond in a client’s backyard? There’s a calculator for that, too. Virtually every aspect of home landscaping has a calculator within the app for quick assessments of each particular project. With an app like this, the amount of wasted materials for each job will be dramatically reduced (which is very important for any up-start landscaping business).

Square Register

landscaping business app iOS

Processing payments in the field used to be virtually impossible: you would instead provide an invoice and the client would either pay cash or mail you a check. These days, however, mobile payment processing is all the rage thanks to Square. Simply sign up for an account and Square will send you a free card reader (or two) that conveniently fit into the headphone jack of any iOS or Android device. Once the app is downloaded, you canprocess credit cards via swipe or manual entry – with no monthly fees. One flat rate (2.75% for swiped, 3.75% for manual entry) is applied to all payments, making Square a reliable and convenient way to handle debit/credit transactions.


Best Landscaping Business Apps

Tracking billable hours and expenses is a huge part of managing a landscaping business, but it does not have to be as frustrating or time-consuming as some would have you believe. Enter TimeClock, an app available on the Android Marketplace which allows supervisors and managers the option of entering in each job in real time for future record-keeping and analysis. When you need to evaluate a list of recent jobs, exporting the results to an Excel file is quick and can be sent via e-mail. Even if you lose your phone or tablet, don’t worry: all of your data is synced with TimeClock’s online service and can be restored if need be. For just $6.99, TimeClock can help your landscaping business be organised and paper-free in regards to tracking billable hours and generating expense reports.


Best iOS Landscaping Business App

Casual observations, brainstorming and other notes are common in the landscaping business, but being organised enough to keep all of these notes in one place rarely happens. With Evernote, employees will have access to a comprehensive audio and text-based note system that can be configured to allow sharing across mobile devices and desktop computers. Whether it’s a to-do list or a particular comment from a client, Evernote stores and syncs said information to the user’s account. Subsequently, any and all data can be shared via social media or email for quicker communication between employees. Available on the iTunes App Store, Evernote is a free application.

The author of this post Arnold Gregg, is a freelance app developer for smartphones and he lives in Scarborough. Apart from his interest in technology, he is also a landscaping enthusiast and has worked as a consultant for a few landscape design companies in Toronto.

Top 8 Apps To Help You Plan Your Next Roofing Project

Top 8 Apps To Help You Plan Your Next Roofing Project

Smartphone applications are changing the way people work and function in every area of life. There are apps that are designed for use in every industry, allowing the professionals to find easy and innovative solutions in their business as well as the amateurs to handle certain jobs on their own. The construction industry has not been left behind in coming up with the smartphone tools. Following are some popular apps that come in very handy for roofing projects:


Roofing Project app

This popular roofing app is popular with both professional contractors and DIY guys. This tool that is designed for iPhone and iPad use helps in estimating the roofing materials required. It can estimate the number or squares, bundles or roofing shingles, required for a roofing job. You simply put in the square footage and the pitch of the roof and calculate to get the estimate. The tool can also help in cost calculation when you input the cost per bundle.


Eagle Roofing Project app

This free app helps to provide accurate and timely roof measurement reports. This is a very useful tool for contractors who want to stay ahead of the competition. The iPhone and iPad app helps the user to get the square footage, pitch, lineal footage and other measurements, making it convenient to place orders at any time and from any location. Users are also able to place new orders using a photo image from the phone. Users can access valuable information or report measurements from different projects.


app for construction

If you want to make calculations for shingles and sheathing, this Roofing Estimator will come in handy. Trying to carry out these calculations manually can be challenging due to the different pitches and overhangs. Using the app, the roofing contractor can get the right measurements that will ensure accuracy. It helps when it comes to providing an accurate quotation and to avoid wastage when buying roofing materials.


iQuick construction app

This is a useful app from iQuick Tools that can be used in different construction phases. It can be used to get estimates for roofing, framing, flooring, paint, drywall and other construction projects. This simple tool helps to determine the materials and total cost and the results can be emailed directly to the client. The tool is useful for contractors who want to get their bids fast and conveniently to the clients.


iquick construction project

Before starting any construction project, the contractor has to provide a contract for the customer to sign. This iPhone and iPad app allows the user to create and email the contract to the customer directly from the phone. The app comes with pre-written information and templates that make the job of creating the contract simple. The contract information can be customized for different projects in the construction industry.


gaf home project app

This app is available for iPhone and iPad use and it allows users to draw plans, diagrams and surfaces and helps to calculate the area and perimeter. The user can add field notes and then send the drawings directly by email or FTP.


roofing app

This tool consists of bid management systems that allow the user to track the bid process with different companies and subcontractors. The app provides a reliable and secure way to track the process and it helps to provide useful information that helps to ensure that the project bidding is easy and timely.


construction app of roofing

This is a useful tool for contractors as it helps in the creation and management of punch list items. It offers easy access to essential contact data and it helps in sharing and storage of project photos, card entries, log time card and other information. The app also helps in the management of construction schedules and other processes.

Through the use of phone technology, you can accomplish your construction projects faster and much more efficiently. The phone apps help in different areas of construction whether you are just working on the roof, or you are constructing the entire home. While the apps are very useful, you cannot overlook the importance of getting a good roof contractor. Without the right roofing skills, all the apps in the world will not do you much good. Look for a reputable roofing company so that you can get the best service!

Today’s feature writer, Raymond John, is a part time blogger working for one of the top roofing companies in Calgary. He likes blogging and usually shares his thoughts about home improvement techniques.

Some Android Applications That You Must Try Out!

Some Android Applications That You Must Try Out!

Once you own a phone that runs on android or an iPhone you are illegible to enter a bold new world where application dominate. Applications are just pieces of software written to basically perform a set of functions. There are several android applications that you must have in your cell phone to make sure that it functions properly.

Open Source Android Apps


This is a an android application that has been bought by Yahoo! Yes, you heard me right, I said Yahoo. This is an application launcher, basically an application that helps organize your applications so that your phone keeps working at full speed. Such an application makes sure that users can access their favourite applications with ease and with minimum battery usage. Aviate is the perfect application launcher for just about any Android user.

Contrary to the conventional methods (alphabetical order) this application launcher helps organize your applications in a very logical way. It has some other quite startling features like it can tell the mobile user just how long they have slept for and brings them the days trending news and the weather report. If you are on the road this application will not only help guide you home but it will also tell you routes which have the least traffic on them. Google Now seems to sync perfectly with this application, this is an excellent thing as users can now activate Google Now with their voice alone. People who have used this application launcher have found out this application is quite good at making the smart phones easier to use. If by any chance you find that your phone does not work as well as you hope it would with this application then you can always uninstall the application. It does not resist in any way when you uninstall it.

Contacts +

It has been a year since it was introduced into the market since then I can safely bet that this android application has helped a lot many people organize their contacts details. It collects all the possible contact data for any individual and this gives the user a platform through which they can get into contact with an individual using any of the multiple means that this application displays. If you provide an individual’s address to the application, the application will even show a route that could lead the user to the persons address from their current standing position.


So, there are quite a lot of android applications now days that focus on making sure that people are physically fit and healthy. But what about your thinking mechanism and memory? Lumosity understand that to win in professional life people need to be alert and vigilant at all times and the best way to ensure that this happens is to keep the mind active with the help of mind games. They have developed an application that caters to a professional’s mental abilities and needs.  This application has been developed by neuroscientists to help people develop greater attention spans, better memories and quicker problem solving techniques.

Smart voice recorder

This android application has been developed by Smart mob Development. It is widely used to record interviews or personal thoughts. It is quite user friendly and has a silence skipper option which makes sure that the dead time (the time when there is nothing to record) is just skipped.

Apart from these applications you must also have mobile backup and restore applications that help people store data when they need to.

Author Bio: I’m suzy, working as a blogger in Key Difference. I’m Interested in SEO, SMO and Technology stuff. I’m not only a passionate blogger, but also an inspiring writer.

5 Free Amazing Lock Screen Apps For Your Android Device

5 Free Amazing Lock Screen Apps For Your Android Device

A high-performing lock screen app does not stop at simply personalizing your locked touchscreen display with a plethora of gorgeous wallpapers. It also helps you to quickly and efficiently get to the apps, notifications, and widgets that you access regularly on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Here are five screen locking apps to consider downloading for free from the Google Play store.

Install one on your Android device to add a little bit of excitement to the otherwise mundane gesture of unlocking a touchscreen display, these five apps have been hand-picked by


Locker Master offers a variety of interesting themes, creative options to unlock the screen of your mobile device, stylish sidebar navigation, real-time weather forecast information, and a handy flashlight feature. The free app also shows missed calls, unread SMS text messages, and app notifications from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. on your locked screen interface.


Echo Notification Lockscreen sports a selection of clean, minimalist-style screen locking backgrounds. The elegantly simple designs promote an uncluttered environment for the day-to-day tasks you perform on your mobile device. The Echo Notification Lockscreen app allows you to stay organized by categorizing your notifications, displaying details about them, and allowing you to create reminders. It also wakes your touchscreen display only when priority messages are received, thus minimizing distractions.


The live wallpaper themes and background sceneries offered by Galaxy Rainy Locker are breathtakingly vivid. This free Android screen locking app also supports pattern locking for security, displays notifications of unread messages and missed calls, and shows your chosen widgets on your locked screen.


Like Galaxy Rainy Locker, the Cover Lock Screen app has a good selection of spectacular backgrounds and wallpaper themes. What sets it apart from other screen locking apps is its smart setting. Cover Lock Screen can learn your choice of apps for a variety of contexts–such as those you normally use at home, work, etc.–and then places those apps on your locked screen. The app also enables you to set wallpapers and ringer volumes according to context.


Aside from offering a handsome selection of live wallpapers, this free screen locking app offers a unique way of rendering your locked touchscreen display: it shows cropped photos you’ve picked from your image gallery. The cropping patterns of your locked screen images can be shaped into stars, hearts, or shells. DIY Locker also offers support for a sliding calendar plugin, as well as a countdown and count-up monitor on yourAndroid device’s locked screen interface.

If you are happy with the default screen lock system in place on your Android phone then there is no real need to try these apps, however I would suggest that you give 1 or 2 of these a trial run. Most of the apps are compleltly free to download and install, and they have some great little features that allow you to see whats going on in the world without unlocking your phone every 5 minutes.

Author Bio: Craig loves to write about tech, and you will often see him posting about apps, phone reviews, and techniques that you can use on Android and iOS systems.

Eight Great Android Photo Apps

Eight Great Android Photo Apps

Android users might feel a little left out when it comes to the popular iPhone photo app, Instagram. The app allows iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to upload any photo they like to their social networking profiles and then showcase that recognizable grainy texture and unique vintage appearance with each individual photo.

All isnt lost, however, because todays Android users who want to add a little artistic flare to their photos can now download some of the best free android photo apps available for their mobile device. Check these out and see if you dont agree:

1. Vignette Demo

Vignette Demo has to be one of the most similar Android apps you can get to iPhones Instagram app. Try up to 84 different film and camera effects to your photos with a staggering 59 different frames. Photos will come out with a neat retro or vintage style. Although output resolution is relatively small, its ideal for sharing online. You can also get a paid version of the Vignette app that has even more effects and photo options.

2. FxCamera

No longer do you need professional photography equipment because the FxCamera app has come to the rescue. This exciting app takes many of the most popular camera effects and makes them easily accessible on your mobile device. Effects include a ToyCam effect, Polandroid effect, Fisheye, SymmetricCam and even a Warhol effect.

3. Little Photo

The Little Photo app has a beautiful user interface that you will definitely appreciate. After you snap a photo, you can use the app to pull up an interesting translucent menu that floats directly on top of the photo. This allows you to scroll through the effects and then preview them before making your selection. You can even apply two layered effects creating even more depth.

4. PicSay

PicSay is an award-winning photo editor that gives you the opportunity to correct the colors of your photos directly from your phone. You can also add word balloons, write a few title captions, use your own graphics and apply special effects. PicSay offers you a free light version plus the option to upgrade to PicSay Pro if you would like access to some extra tools, effects and styles.

5. Retro Camera

If you are a fan of the old school, retro type look, then the user interface for this app actually turns into the camera. It allows you to look through the viewfinder, and snap your photo while on the fly. Choose from five different sets of vintage vignetting, black and white, film scratch or even cross processing effects. Your photos are then stored in a virtual darkroom right on your phone to be easily shared via social media.

6. Camera ZOOM FX

Most people want a lot of control over their photos, and Camera ZOOM FX is an app that delivers. Youll be able to access over 40 different effects with additional options to add borders or frames, customizable grid overlays, white balance, and even night shots. Theres also a convenient one-click option to upload to your favorite social media site.

7. Photo Illusion

To use Photo Illusion, you will need to already have a collection of photos that are stored in your photo gallery, since a viewfinder isnt provided with the app. Once you choose a photo, youll be able to apply a variety of filters and effects to it, including fisheye and a funhouse mirror effect. Also, you can crop and rotate photos as desired before applying the effects and sharing them online.

8. Action Snap

Although Action Snap does come equipped with many photo effects to use, the real magic lies in the apps ability to take a sequence of photos of a swiftly moving object or person and then stitch them together in order to create a single full photo. The app will sequentially take the images and arrange them into panels to be displayed on a grid for a very unique photo effect.

With these great photo apps you will never again be embarrassed at Androids selection of photo apps compared to iPhones Instagram. Now todays Android users have it all, the most popular mobile app and some really great photo apps to make you smile.

Author Bio:Kevin is a Content editor Specialist of keydifference. He is in charge of copywriting and does market research. He’s a passionate traveller, amateur photographer and blogger