Top 6 iPhone Apps to Make Your Day Better

Top 6 iPhone Apps to Make Your Day Better

[social_warfare]There’s nothing better than a good app. They brighten our day, they make things easier, and they help us solve problems when the going gets tough. The good news is the world is full of excellent apps. Although most apps are worthy of your time, you naturally don’t want to fill your phone with apps you’re not even going to use. It’s important to plan your app use and only pick those that you find useful, entertaining or helpful.

To make it all just slightly easier for you, here are some of the top iPhone apps you need to have at your fingertips throughout the day. With these six apps, you are bound to make your day better.

1. Rolo

The easiest way to ensure your day goes without a hitch is to make sure you’re using a proper calendar. When it comes to calendar apps, the iPhone has a huge selection of suitable options but Rolo is definitely the prettiest.


Your day will be made better with the use of animations and beautiful design. You can instantly see how your day divides into work and entertainment – perfect way to remind yourself to slow down or, indeed, get off your backside!

2. Nine

To-do lists are another great way to keep your day on track. However, you often don’t have time to write them, and a lot of to-do list apps tend to provide you with an annoying design that doesn’t inspire you to do more. Change this around with Nine.


The to-do list is visual; it uses photographs to create reminders of the things you need to be doing. You can attach tags to your photos and therefore, create clear action plans. Furthermore, you can even geotag your photos to ensure you remember where you remembered to do that particular action. It’s pretty, and it’ll make your day go by quicker.

3. WhatsApp

Smartphones are not really for calling anymore, but instant messaging. While instant messaging apps come in all shapes and sizes, Whatsapp is definitely one of the most popular and the best for all sorts of uses. You can send photos, videos and even record voice messages on the platform if you can’t type. The app has a lovely range of emojis and GIFs for you to use.


Why do you need it to make your day better? Whatsapp will guarantee you get to talk to friends and family, as well as sort out any pesky problems in an instant. If you use the Wi-Fi option, you don’t need to spend a penny staying in touch with the outside world.

4. TuneIn Radio

Do you love podcasts? There are many good podcasts to listen to but only so many hours in the day to do the listening. TuneIn Radio is an app to change this and with the help of the app, you can keep listening to your favorite podcasts more.

TuneIn Radio

The app speeds up the speed of the shows. It starts slow and trains your brain to pick up the important information – you can cram in more episodes to your daily commute with this app. It’s the perfect way to help you listen more but without it taking time off your other things.

5. Churchill Solitaire

You can’t just think about productivity and work all day long. For the fun occasions, you’ll need some proper games on your phone. Churchill Solitaire is a great pick – it’s entertaining and challenging at the same time.


The app was developed based on a complicated version of the classic game, the British prime minister developed. Churchill is considered one of the great statesmen of all times, so you’ll boost your day a lot by having a go at this game.

6. Bumble

Everybody is looking for a bit of love. But if you don’t quite like the traditional apps for dating, you might want to give Bumble a go. The app needs two people to swipe right in order to start a conversation. In addition to this, the woman has to be the one to initiate the conversation – therefore, you might find this app a bit more serious.


If you are bored with your old phone and want the latest iPhone that too without breaking the budget then unleash the use of coupon codes available at Frugaa. It’ll definitely make your day a better day when you realize you saved a big amount and are within budget. If you want to make your day more entertaining, productive and smooth, you want to download these six apps on your iPhone!


Top 5 Cell Phone Spy Apps Reviews

Top 5 Cell Phone Spy Apps Reviews

In this modern world, smartphones technology has become very popular in the general public. Resultantly, the tech-devices sometimes have to monitor with the help of mobile monitoring software. The element of cell phone monitoring is essential no time ever before. Parents, employers, and spouses are helpless; therefore they have to get access to the device through mobile monitoring software in order to remain update regarding the activities of the target device.

Top 5 Cell Phone Spy Apps Reviews

Spying on someone without addressing them is a crime. In case you have permission, or you owned the target device then monitoring is legal. To spy on the target devices, we have accumulated top five Mobile monitoring apps which have the capacity to track down your target device completely within no time.


If you are looking forward to all in one package, a mobile monitoring app which would be the best tool for you to handle your kids/teens, employees and spouse single-handedly. Then you must go for world’s no. 1 cell phone parenting software known as TheOneSpy mobile surveillance software.
This particular tool enables parents to keep an eye on their kid’s suspicious activities on the phone, it allows the employer to make a check on their employees and spouse who think his/her partner is unfaithful, and then he/she can keep a secret eye on partner’s activities. The cell phone tracking app has plenty of robust features which are following.

Features at Glance

  • Bug their Phone
  • Spy on text messages
  • Spy on calls
  • Keylogger
  • Browsing History
  • Read Email
  • IM’s Social Media
  • View Multimedia Files
  • Remote Phone Controller


Mobistealth mobile phone tracking app is one of the finest parenting software in the modern world. The parents who always remain the security of kids/teens, business owners who want a serious work performance from their employees and spouses who have insecurities about their partner’s loyalty. Then Mobistealth could be a good choice. It can be controlled through the electronic dashboard on the mobile stealth website, and user can get access into the target device from any place in the world when the target device connected to the internet.

Features at Glance

  • Spy on calls and record it
  • Listen call recording online
  • View text messages and call logs
  • See visited websites
  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Record sounds remotely
  • Get notifications when changing SIM-card
  • Wipe all the data/in-case device lost

Mobile Spy

If you are really looking forward to monitoring a cell phone device, then I would say mobile spy app would be the reliable and ultimate option. This particular app has been publicized due to people’s recognition in the USA today, Los Angeles Times, Reader Digest and as well as on many other platforms. The cell phone monitoring apps have the ability to do surveillance on all the activities which are being performed on the target gadget. The application is compatible with all Android, iPhone, and Windows. The tracking app has plenty of reliable features such as spy on text messages, iMessages, messenger logs such as WhatsApp, the user can view call history, Gmail history, tracking the location and view media files.

Features at Glance

  • Screen View
  • LIVE surveillance
  • Locking Device
  • GPS Locations Tracker
  • Latest SIM information
  • Log Activity to email

MM Guardianmobile

The mm Guardian is a mobile monitoring app, which is needed to be installed on teen’s pre-teens cell phone device and then it works as mobile surveillance app. It enables the user to see all the activities on the target phone and keeps updated. The application allow a user to SMS tracker, call blocker, went URL tracker and blocker and app blocker, you can see SMS/texts, calls, URLs and the app usage through the dashboard. It empowers you to protect teens from sexting, cyber bullying.

Features at Glance

  • Time Limitation
  • Tracking Location through GPS
  • Application Control
  • SMS monitor
  • Call Block
  • Protection from Uninstalling

Net Nanny

Being parents, you have come to know that young kids may watch inappropriate content, online mobile games and also get its hands on the malicious application on their smartphone devices. The Net Nanny mobile surveillance app enables user to keep kids safe from erotic content and empowers parents what sport of mobile apps need to use the cellphone gadget.

Features at Glance

  • Web-content filtering
  • Block pornographic content
  • Mask Profanity
  • Time/Limits & Content


Being parents if you really want to monitor your kids, then all five mentioned cell phone parenting apps you need to prefer. You will be able to put your all worries to rest.

Author Bio: Stella is a writer and blogger. She loves to write about parenting, teenager’s issues and their solutions. Follow her on Twitter to know more about her @stellalogan631

iPad Apps You Shouldn’t be Without

iPad Apps You Shouldn’t be Without

Unless you’ve been dwelling on some sort of desert island for the last few years, you surely can’t have failed to notice the rapid rise of the iPad. The tablet computer was little heard-of among the mainstream market until just a few years back, when Apple’s iPad made its first appearance. Since then, the device has gone on to shift tens of millions of units around the world – and its popularity shows few signs of flagging. However, if you’ve just picked up an iPad for the first time having had little experience with these tablets in the past, you might be wondering just what apps you can pick up for it. There are so many to choose from that it can be a bit confusing working out which ones are most likely to be best for you. Here are a few suggestions you may wish to bear in mind.

Using your iPad as an e-reader

What you may or may not be aware of is that your iPad can make a handy e-reader in addition to all the other functions it can perform. Of course, many people buy Amazon Kindle devices with this function in mind, but your iPad can also do a fine job in this regard. There are several apps to choose from if you’re looking for reading material for your iPad. Amazon itself offers a Kindle app for iPad, which enables users to gain access to around one million e-book titles, including its bestselling books. Apple has its own e-reader app, iBooks, and although it has a narrower selection than the Kindle app, it does allow users to pay using the iTunes system which many Apple fans have become well accustomed to. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more lighthearted, then world-famous comics producers Marvel and DC both have their own iPad apps, so you can choose from their various titles.

Using your iPad to stay organised

One of the most important functions your iPad is likely to play is helping you to stay organised. This in itself is easier said than done, given how many of us are leading busy working lives. However, there are some useful iPad apps which can help you keep on top of things. The Evernote app enables users to access the various notes they’ve made, including voice notes and images, from the various devices they’ve stored them on. Skydrive, meanwhile, is a cloud system not unlike Sugarsync or Dropbox, allowing users to store and access Microsoft documents on the cloud.

Using your iPad for entertainment

Alternatively, there are a wide selection of apps which you can use to access your favourite TV programmes, films and various other clips. BBC’s iPlayer is perhaps the best known of these, and there’s a dedicated iPadiPlayer app. Users based outside of the UK can download the iPlayer Global Edition app for free, although there will be a monthly subscription fee. There’s also the SkyGo app, which Sky subscribers can use to watch more or less anything on Sky that their subscription package already covers. YouTube’s app is smoother and easier to use via iPad than the website, so it’s also well worth downloading.

Author Bio: Adrianna Short is a writer for thesnugg and specialises in great tips and tricks for any ios device

Four Apps To Help Real Estate Agents To Gain The Upper Hand

Four Apps To Help Real Estate Agents To Gain The Upper Hand

Even though the housing market in many areas is rebounding, the past few years have no doubt been rough for many real estate agents that have been faced with an ever-shrinking amount of demand and a seemingly endless supply of houses on the market. In such an environment, gaining the upper hand on the competition is vital if agents wish to remain relevant and active in the world of real estate. By having a series of tools at their disposal, select agents can prosper even in terrible economic climates. Below, we will be discussing four mobile apps that help real estate agents gain a better understanding of their territories and help maximize their earnings.

Open Home Pro

Real Estate Agents iOS App

Perhaps the most popular app currently available for real estate agents, Open Home Pro gives its users access to managed plans for open house events, automatic lead generation services and the ability to create listing pages that can be used on a variety of different websites. Priced at $14.99 on the iTunes Store, Open Home Pro delivers in ways that listing agents expect: by offering a comprehensive tool for creating beautiful listings, you can truly showcase the benefits of any home. You will enjoy capturing photos with your iPhone and proceed to directly upload them to the Open Home Pro servers for later distribution, along with your landing page.

Open House Manager

iPhone App for Real Estate Agents

Those who wish to centralize data collection and storage will love Open House Manager, an app available for all iOS devices. Using this collaborative application, you will be able to collect sign-in information at open houses directly, using an iPad or iDevice. This information is then stored via the cloud and can be accessed later for various tasks. You will be able to use the app to subsequently send detailed home reports to prospective buyers, shoot out follow-up emails and even create survey questions that can be used to collect more information from buyers. This app can be downloaded via the iTunes Store for $4.99.


iOS APPs for Real Estate

Any real estate agent who is using technology to garner leads and earn extra income will understand how important social media management can be in developing a truly versatile real estate platform. HootSuite is a comprehensive social media manager that can post to any social platform, translate messages for various audiences and even be configured to send out specific updates at a later date and time. Perfect for those who do not have the time to flip back and forth between multiple apps; HootSuite combines all the aspects any real estate agent would engage in via social media into one easy to use system.


android App for Real Estate Agents

Document signing is a huge part of any real estate agent’s daily life, and any app that can make this process easier for both the agent and the buyer in question is a welcomed development. Enter DocuSign, a full-featured way for individuals to complete any signature or contractual agreements without having to be in person. While this may not suffice for every single document, you will be able to utilize this app (available for Android and iOS devices) to ease the burden on yourself and all buyers involved in any signing process.

Author Bio: This Guest post written by Don Mathew, he can be considered  a technology fanatic. Interning as a real estate agent in Newmarket, he spends his nights collecting information about the latest technologies. With his gadget addiction and creative mind, he is keen on getting his obsession and his work close together.

Starting A Landscaping Business? Check Out These Four Apps

Starting A Landscaping Business? Check Out These Four Apps

With any new business, the first few months are crucial in ensuring stability and long-term solvency by making the most efficient and intelligent decisions. Seeing how half of all small businesses fail within their first five years, having a game plan and an organised approach will help reduce the chances that your small business will falter. This approach is particularly important when dealing with landscaping businesses, since most operate only during select seasons. Thanks to technology, improvements in efficiency and communication can be achieved in a variety of ways. Below, we will discuss four apps that are helping landscaping businesses stay ahead of the competition and interact with clients and fellow employees more effectively.

Landscape & Garden Calculators

Android Apps for Landscaping Business

Perhaps the only calculator you will ever need, the Landscape & Garden Calculators app – available on the Android Marketplace for $7.99 – includes more than forty unique calculators that help contractors calculate needed materials and costs for hardscapes, softscapes, lawns, gardens, walls and more. Building a pond in a client’s backyard? There’s a calculator for that, too. Virtually every aspect of home landscaping has a calculator within the app for quick assessments of each particular project. With an app like this, the amount of wasted materials for each job will be dramatically reduced (which is very important for any up-start landscaping business).

Square Register

landscaping business app iOS

Processing payments in the field used to be virtually impossible: you would instead provide an invoice and the client would either pay cash or mail you a check. These days, however, mobile payment processing is all the rage thanks to Square. Simply sign up for an account and Square will send you a free card reader (or two) that conveniently fit into the headphone jack of any iOS or Android device. Once the app is downloaded, you canprocess credit cards via swipe or manual entry – with no monthly fees. One flat rate (2.75% for swiped, 3.75% for manual entry) is applied to all payments, making Square a reliable and convenient way to handle debit/credit transactions.


Best Landscaping Business Apps

Tracking billable hours and expenses is a huge part of managing a landscaping business, but it does not have to be as frustrating or time-consuming as some would have you believe. Enter TimeClock, an app available on the Android Marketplace which allows supervisors and managers the option of entering in each job in real time for future record-keeping and analysis. When you need to evaluate a list of recent jobs, exporting the results to an Excel file is quick and can be sent via e-mail. Even if you lose your phone or tablet, don’t worry: all of your data is synced with TimeClock’s online service and can be restored if need be. For just $6.99, TimeClock can help your landscaping business be organised and paper-free in regards to tracking billable hours and generating expense reports.


Best iOS Landscaping Business App

Casual observations, brainstorming and other notes are common in the landscaping business, but being organised enough to keep all of these notes in one place rarely happens. With Evernote, employees will have access to a comprehensive audio and text-based note system that can be configured to allow sharing across mobile devices and desktop computers. Whether it’s a to-do list or a particular comment from a client, Evernote stores and syncs said information to the user’s account. Subsequently, any and all data can be shared via social media or email for quicker communication between employees. Available on the iTunes App Store, Evernote is a free application.

The author of this post Arnold Gregg, is a freelance app developer for smartphones and he lives in Scarborough. Apart from his interest in technology, he is also a landscaping enthusiast and has worked as a consultant for a few landscape design companies in Toronto.

The Shaw Floors Stain Centre iPhone App – Never Worry About A Stain Or Spillage On Your Rugs Again

The Shaw Floors Stain Centre iPhone App – Never Worry About A Stain Or Spillage On Your Rugs Again

Shaw Floors has released an innovative new iPhone app which they have called the Carpet Stain Remover. The app will provide you with some very clear and concise instructions on how to remove any stain from your rugs and carpets. There are plenty of instructions and procedures for many of the most common stains found around the home and all this information is right at your fingertips.

License: Creative Commons image source

Not Sure What the Stain is?

Shaw Floors Stain Centre iPhone App

The Carpet Stain Center app provides cleaning instructions for almost 1,000 common household stains. The app is said to be one of the most unique and helpful solutions for the flooring industry and will provide you with solutions in real-time. It makes no difference whether you spill coffee, red wine and even have a huge pasta sauce based disaster the app is well equipped to get you out of a tight spot.

It must be mentioned that many of the solutions provided are specifically aimed at households that have Shaw Floor carpets. These carpets are typically made from certain fibres and therefore the cleaning instructions may not be appropriate to use on any other types of materials. However, there are many brands and fibres that it can help you with.

The app features many brands of carpet that are said to be stain and soil resistant, such Anso nylon. However, even if you manage to get a nasty stain on a carpet such as this, Shaw Floors have their very own patented stain and soil treatments. They have a particular product called R2x, which is well-known to act as a repellent for any number of stains.


License: Creative Commons image source

The app can be found in the Utilities category of iTunes and was specifically designed for iPhone and iPad. However, it is also now available on iPod touch and will require an operating system of iOS 4.3 or later. The latest update fixed a minor issue within the Stain Center.

You will also have access to the Shaw Floors website via the app which offers a wealth of information about anything flooring related. They feature many different types of carpets, tile and stone flooring, laminate, hardwood, area rugs and resilient flooring materials. They also offer a live chat feature via the website, which allows you to speak in more details with an agent.

You will also find many great articles about flooring, cleaning and stain removal. There are many tips and advice about floor care in general, such as things you can do beforehand to protect your floors from an imminent disaster. You also have the opportunity to find a dealer in your local area, thus allowing you to actually visit a store in person or even have an agent come and visit you at home.

Everything you will ever need to know about flooring and floor care can be found in this handy iPhone app and if ever you do suffer from a spillage, stain or other type of floor-related disaster you know that help is only an app away.

This post is authored by Lances Webber from She is an avid blogger and uses her free time to indulge in her interests like writing and reading. One of her recent articles was about carpet cleaning services in Toronto.