JIRA Training Can Boost Your Career

JIRA Training Can Boost Your Career

JIRA is a platform from Atlassian which allows software and agile developers to track, manage and plan their project conveniently. The JIRA platform is widely used in various industries and by some of the most well-known businesses like JP Morgan Chase, Ubisoft and Luxoft Holdings. Reports indicate that JIRA has a market share of about 40 percent and there is a lot of demand for JIRA experts with an average salary of $86,987 annually. Hence software professionals interested in applying for the lucrative JIRA jobs should consider undergoing JIRA training in New York, which will ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to do the assigned activities well.

Overview of JIRA Training

More than 900 professionals have signed up for the Mindmajix JIRA training in New York which is designed so that students develop expertise in bug tracking, managing projects and tracking other issues related to a project. The course provides in-depth training of all aspects of a JIRA project. The trainers have experience in working on real-time JIRA projects and resolving related issues. Mindmajix verifies the background of the trainers. Though the courses are conducted by live streaming, the organization has offices worldwide in Canada, Connecticut, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Bengaluru, Hyderabad

Modes of Training

Mindmajix offers different modes of JIRA training for professionals according to their convenience. Self-paced training using recorded videos from a previous live session are popular with busy professionals who are working. The student can also access the Learning Management System, LMS and other training material developed by experts in JIRA. Those who have flexible schedules can opt for the online live streaming of sessions with an experienced and certified instructor. The students can also access the LMS, the cloud lab. Support and teaching help is available 24 X 7. In addition to regular batches, week end and fast track batches are available. Mindmagix also specializes in Corporate training for companies, and discounted rates are offered. The live streaming courses are conducted using Webex or GoToMeeting software.

JIRA Course Curriculum

The Mindmajix JIRA course is fairly comprehensive and includes all major aspects of Atlassian JIRA software like how to install JIRA in an organization, adding new users to JIRA, generating the reports which are required, testing and managing defects in JIRA. The course also provides an introduction to JIRA Agile and an overview of the Atlassian JIRA marketplace. The course includes thirty hours of training by an experienced instructor and includes a large number of real-world examples so that the professionals have practical experience in handling the platform after they complete the training. Trainees can switch from self-paced training to live streamed training at any stage.

Professionals Benefiting from JIRA Training

There is no prerequisite for undergoing JIRA training. However, some software professionals are likely to benefit from JIRA training. Software testers, testing managers and test leads are likely to benefit most from training in the platform for tracking project related issues. Project development managers and also business analysts handling a lot of data will also benefit from undergoing JIRA training.

Global Computer Repair And Factors To Know

Global Computer Repair And Factors To Know

The computer repairs industry has gained momentum during the last decade, as people are gradually growing dependent on the internet, laptops, and computers for their daily work. Initially, computers were meant just for commercial and large-scale enterprises for storing data, maintaining records and performing high-end calculations.

Global Computer Repair And Factors To Know

But in this recent generation, it has become one of the most critical tools in demand, globally. With this rise in the market, there is also a rise in problems. Computers, when used excessively, are prone to malfunctioning and crashing. Other than the side, with the internet performing a crucial role in computing, it also comes up with some viruses such as, malware, spyware and many other dangerous constituents that can endanger the laptop. All these factors combine together to bring an average user’s PC to a crashing end. And this is where company that deal with computer repair comes in.

Global Computer Repair And Factors To Know

Repair companies or organization deal with computing problems of all kinds. Whether it is a virus attack, a hardware malfunction, a PC update or even PC maintenance, you can have all services availed here. Their services are divided into two major categories; average home based users and commercial enterprises.

Home Based Users

Home-based users are often technically unaware of the pros and cons of the computing world. They do not know if their computers are at risk from the internet, or even if there could be some hardware problems. To help them with this, companies repair also provides online or telephonic help, whenever customers call them with a question. After determining the level of intensity of a problem, the user will be presented with the option of home service, where a technician would be sent over for fixing the problem within a short period. If not, the device would have to be brought over to the company for an in-depth analysis.

Commercial Enterprises

Computer repair gives commercial enterprises several task or services in repairs. Companies can have their servers maintained, their networks maintained, and also get training for staff. When some organization and servers face system crashes, their absolute need is to get it repaired within a quick period so that there is no loss in productivity. Understanding this need, computer repair services, provide timely, speedy repair services to enterprise clients.

How To Reach Them

You can get to the nearest organization or a company that repairs by going through the computer repair files, where you will find numerous recommendations concerning the issue right next to your place. Moreover, you can also search online with specific terms, such as “computer repair,” “Computer repair technician,” and so on this depends on the place they are situated. With each search term, you will be able to locate companies that deal with customers online, so you won’t have to encounter some challenges about going far looking for the technician. However, make sure that the online company that you visit is legal and authentic. Also do not forget to ask friends or neighbors, as such services are often well known through word of mouth.

What Is Mobile App Success, by Definition? Here Are the Metrics and KPIs to Follow

What Is Mobile App Success, by Definition? Here Are the Metrics and KPIs to Follow

Looking to make your app successful? Well, what exactly defines “success”? This article aims to highlight the key indicators of what makes an app good and tells you how to measure each of them in an organized, simple to follow fashion.
There seem to be many ways to measure mobile app success, so many that it can become downright confusing. Do you go by how many users you have? Do you go by whether or not your app’s been featured in the App Store? How about a simpler benchmark—like whether you can actually conceptualize a minimum viable product (MVP) in the first place?

Mobile App Success?
When it’s all said and done, there are numerous ways to measure app success, but only a few really count. Look for these metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to know for sure if your app is meeting your Key Performance Indicators or not.

Time in Your App

This metric boils down to exactly how much time a user spent inside your app over a specific period of time. For example, this user was inside my shopping app for 10 minutes, doing everything from browsing in the app to finally completing the purchase.
It’s an important metric because it exposes how frequently your app’s is used and the engagement level of the users. Measuring behavior over a period of time, it presents you with a clear-cut view of any user trends and patterns.
For example, if a specific demographic of users is spending an unusually long period of time in your app all of a sudden—say, stay-at-home moms with a college degree, always on Friday afternoons—it’s the perfect opportunity to dig deeper and find out why. You can then utilize any info you find to personalize this demographic’s app experience for more conversions and engagement.

The Number of Users of Your App

Naturally, this brings us to another crucial KPI: how many users your app has. It’s a huge mistake to skip this KPI because it tells you so much about how your app is performing (or not performing).
Think of this metric as essentially doing customer research to figure out exactly who is using your app and for what purpose. You need to go further than just determining the initial downloads and one-time opens into more meaningful territory like who’s using your app, why they’re using it, and what value (if any) they’re truly getting from it.
Once you know this crucial info, it will greatly help you to focus your efforts on improving the user experience in certain areas to drive more revenue. This can include anything from kick-starting effective app-marketing campaigns to segmenting your user base with confidence.

The Speed of Your App

People on the web today are impatient if nothing else. And ADHD. Especially when using digital products. They expect fast, fast, fast experiences, and your app has to deliver on this metric to be competitive. Measuring the speed of your app is critical to ensuring a thriving and growing user base. Throughout the years, the speed of apps and websites has only increased, so your users are going to be expecting that your app delivers performance to match this trend.
Consider issues like how long it takes for your app to load, as the essential, first step. If your app takes several seconds to load, then you’ve already subjected your users to a lot of friction—before they even get to truly experience your app! Users won’t put up with load times like that. As data from Think With Google shows, users will actually abandon a mobile page for ever(!) if it fails to load faster than three seconds.
So be sure to keep careful track of the speed of your app. You don’t want your users leaving in droves because your app is making them wait too long.

The Retention Rate

In its simplest terms, app retention is a measure of the percentage of your users who come back to your app from the date of their initial (first) visit. This vital KPI keeps track of the most engaged and therefore valuable users.
Armed with the info from the retention rate, you’re able to come up with improved targeting capabilities and sharpen your in-app purchase tracking—since now you can do it based on the level of user engagement. You can also personalize the app for your users, as you’ll also get access to data like the purchase frequency, devices used, and location of your more engaged users.
The beauty of tracking this metric is how it lets you see what features are being well-received by your users and which aren’t—based on their user behavior over time with every update. For instance, the moment you’ve just released a new version of your app, determine if your retention has increased or decreased.

Revenue Per User

Usually, the goal of your app is to make you money, period. You went through all of the planning, trial and design and development stages so you could eventually generate some revenue from your app.
That’s why it’s very helpful to measure how much money each average user of your app is really bringing into your pocketbook. You want to figure out how valuable each individual who uses your app is to your endeavor.
Yes, the revenue is going to be calculated off of your app’s downloading cost, any in-app purchases, and conversions. However, here’s where the tricky part comes into the equation when you’re trying to determine the average revenue per user.
You see, you want to go beyond just what the user spends while in your app since said average user will typically spend across several channels. You can’t neglect the increases found in overall spending. For instance, someone using your retail app could also buy in-store and on your retail website, from their desktop.

The Number of Social Shares

Social proof through social-media sharing helps you determine how popular your app is and how many people are talking about it. Naturally, your app is doing well if a lot of people talk about it or share it on Twitter, Facebook and the like, but this data can also help you get more insight into how to use social media for app promotion.
In particular, when you’re social-listening, pay attention to indicators like when your app was shared, where it was shared, and in what relationship or context. Is it mostly talked about after work, during work, or at night? Is it only talked about on social media when something big in its industry happens in the news, but not so much at other times?
Here are some popular social-listening tools to help you keep up with what people are saying about your brand online:

Tracking this metric is extremely vital if you have any social-media integration or functionality built right into your app.

Your App’s Churn Rate

Churn rate is defined as the rate at which the active users of your app uninstall or unsubscribe from your app. Needless to say, the objective is to keep your app’s churn rate as low as possible, as a higher one indicates a level of dissatisfaction with some aspect or aspects of your app.
Trying to determine what could be behind a relatively high churn rate is as simple as investigating where and when the app crashes or where and when your users either log out or stop using the app.
At the same time, it’s vital to realize that churn rate can also be due to little activity on your part as the app creator, as opposed to outright problems with the app. For example, the churn rate can increase if you fail to update your app on a regular basis, add new content from time to time, or include new achievement levels (assuming you published a gaming app of some sort).

The Average Time to First Purchase

This metric relates to how long a user takes to make that first purchase from the time he’s first downloaded and installed your app. Be careful with this metric because you’re not just counting the purchases within your app exclusively.
While in-app purchases may be the more obvious ones to count, don’t forget about buys from your website and the premium or upgraded version of your app that he could purchase.
You want to keep track of the number of days or even weeks from the initial download to the first purchase.

Know the Right Metrics and KPIs to Track

App success can be measured in a plethora of ways, but it’s vital to your app’s success that you know which ones are most important. Even before choosing a technology partner to work with on your app, you can measure the app performance yourself. Only when you measure these metrics and KPIs will you be able to understand what you have to look at and constantly monitor to determine if your app’s doing well or not.
It’s also important not to get bogged down or obsessed with just one metric in particular; these different metrics all combine to provide a bigger and broader indicator of how well your app’s doing.
The good news is that, even if you see one metric that’s off or not performing to how you want it to, there’s a lot that you can do to improve any given KPI. And it usually doesn’t take much time or effort to do so.

Author bio: Nikunj Sanghvi is a technology executive with experience ranging from hands-on development to managing multimillion dollar consulting businesses, leading all aspects of sales and business development to operations and delivery. Delivering beautiful and useful digital solutions is not just a job for him, but a passion. He is currently the Head of Sales and Business Development at Robosoft Technologies. At Robosoft Technologies we are experts in defining the right KPIs and metrics that are bound to track the overall performance of a mobile app. We’ve done it 1500 times (we’re not joking!).

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator Review

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator Review

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator is affordable, which makes it one of the least expensive yet powerful GPS models to be found anywhere. The unit is comfy to hold, the buttons are convenient, and the tracking is accurate. We think you will see that the value truly is hard to beat.

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator Review Land


  • Great technology in a starter unit
  • High-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver
  • Stores 20 routes with max 125 waypoints per route
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Easy One Hand Operation

The eTrex H is very easy to use. You may be hard-pressed to find a more simple-to-use GPS than this one. The LCD display is easy to read at virtually any time of day. It is waterproof and very durable. The eTrex H runs for about 17 hours on a pair of AA batteries. This is longer than most comparative models, another reason why this GPS is easier on your wallet.

In the box, you get the eTrex H Handheld GPS navigator along with a wrist strap and a user manual. There are many different carrying cases available which can be purchased for the unit, but this model is very durable so you may not need one. The eTrex H measures in at 2w x 4.4h x 1.2d inches and comes with a one-year warranty.

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator Review

Pros and Cons of the eTrex H Handheld GPS Navigator

The battery life goes a little longer than many comparable GPS models. You should still carry around a few pairs of AA batteries on your long hiking trips, but you will feel the value of the battery life this unit offers.

This is a great model for first time GPS owners, and if you enjoy geocaching, this model should be a great tool for you. If you are looking to do a lot of hiking, then you may have to consider purchasing additional maps from Garmin as the built-in maps on this unit are not as detailed and suited to all terrain as the built-in maps on other GPS units. This model does not come with extensive and detailed topographical maps. You will have to purchase them which could cost you more than the GPS itself.

You should be able to figure out the eTrex H with ease. The buttons are simple and it feels good in your hand. For many first time GPS buyers, this model is a complete win because it is so affordable and yet very fast and very powerful. It’s comfortable and accurate. It’s hard to beat for those on a tight budget. Why spend the extra money on a bigger more feature laden GPS when you don’t need all those extra buttons and maps? They may only slow you down.

Is this the right handheld GPS for you? It depends on the types of activities that you will be focusing on. If you are just trying to keep track of your location while on fishing trips, this unit should work surprisingly well because of its price and ease of use. Its simplicity puts it among the best outdoor GPS units. You probably wouldn’t need any extra maps. However, if you are looking for highly detailed topographical maps for your long hiking expeditions, then you may want to consider a different GPS model or factor in the extra price to purchase a good topographical map.

Top 6 iPhone Apps to Make Your Day Better

Top 6 iPhone Apps to Make Your Day Better

[social_warfare]There’s nothing better than a good app. They brighten our day, they make things easier, and they help us solve problems when the going gets tough. The good news is the world is full of excellent apps. Although most apps are worthy of your time, you naturally don’t want to fill your phone with apps you’re not even going to use. It’s important to plan your app use and only pick those that you find useful, entertaining or helpful.

To make it all just slightly easier for you, here are some of the top iPhone apps you need to have at your fingertips throughout the day. With these six apps, you are bound to make your day better.

1. Rolo

The easiest way to ensure your day goes without a hitch is to make sure you’re using a proper calendar. When it comes to calendar apps, the iPhone has a huge selection of suitable options but Rolo is definitely the prettiest.


Your day will be made better with the use of animations and beautiful design. You can instantly see how your day divides into work and entertainment – perfect way to remind yourself to slow down or, indeed, get off your backside!

2. Nine

To-do lists are another great way to keep your day on track. However, you often don’t have time to write them, and a lot of to-do list apps tend to provide you with an annoying design that doesn’t inspire you to do more. Change this around with Nine.


The to-do list is visual; it uses photographs to create reminders of the things you need to be doing. You can attach tags to your photos and therefore, create clear action plans. Furthermore, you can even geotag your photos to ensure you remember where you remembered to do that particular action. It’s pretty, and it’ll make your day go by quicker.

3. WhatsApp

Smartphones are not really for calling anymore, but instant messaging. While instant messaging apps come in all shapes and sizes, Whatsapp is definitely one of the most popular and the best for all sorts of uses. You can send photos, videos and even record voice messages on the platform if you can’t type. The app has a lovely range of emojis and GIFs for you to use.


Why do you need it to make your day better? Whatsapp will guarantee you get to talk to friends and family, as well as sort out any pesky problems in an instant. If you use the Wi-Fi option, you don’t need to spend a penny staying in touch with the outside world.

4. TuneIn Radio

Do you love podcasts? There are many good podcasts to listen to but only so many hours in the day to do the listening. TuneIn Radio is an app to change this and with the help of the app, you can keep listening to your favorite podcasts more.

TuneIn Radio

The app speeds up the speed of the shows. It starts slow and trains your brain to pick up the important information – you can cram in more episodes to your daily commute with this app. It’s the perfect way to help you listen more but without it taking time off your other things.

5. Churchill Solitaire

You can’t just think about productivity and work all day long. For the fun occasions, you’ll need some proper games on your phone. Churchill Solitaire is a great pick – it’s entertaining and challenging at the same time.


The app was developed based on a complicated version of the classic game, the British prime minister developed. Churchill is considered one of the great statesmen of all times, so you’ll boost your day a lot by having a go at this game.

6. Bumble

Everybody is looking for a bit of love. But if you don’t quite like the traditional apps for dating, you might want to give Bumble a go. The app needs two people to swipe right in order to start a conversation. In addition to this, the woman has to be the one to initiate the conversation – therefore, you might find this app a bit more serious.


If you are bored with your old phone and want the latest iPhone that too without breaking the budget then unleash the use of coupon codes available at Frugaa. It’ll definitely make your day a better day when you realize you saved a big amount and are within budget. If you want to make your day more entertaining, productive and smooth, you want to download these six apps on your iPhone!